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Top 5 Gaming Chairs

We live in a world of chairs. Well, this may be an odd thing to say but it is true, at least in some sense. I went online recently to search for a chair. At first, I was not searching for anything special, just four legs and a backboard. But, as I was browsing more …

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List of great toilet papers

This is the list of toilet papers. Yeah, toilet papers. There is nothing too special about any of them to make them much better than any others. Because lists usually have 5 items, this list also has 5 items, no other reason. Anyway, enjoy the list. Toilet paper No.1 Charmin Ultra Soft. It’s soft, unlike …

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Top 5 Dash Cams

Welcome to the world of dash cams. If you are not familiar with this world and think that these are just cameras as any other than you are in the right place. In this article, I show you the top 5 different dash cams so you can understand what they are. Not all cameras are …

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