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In this article, I give you my list of top 5 dash cams. Welcome to the world of dash cams. If you are not familiar with this world and think that these are just cameras as any other than you are in the right place.

Not all cameras are the same, they all have some special targeted case use. Mobile phones, DSLR and dashboard cameras can have some similar specifications listed but some unique features make these different devices.


All-rounder. So much included in a small package. This 1080p camera stuffed all gizmos you need from a road tracking device. Super intuitive to use and simple design are my favorite things about it. Spec-wise I can only point out that 30fps as a minor downside but all rest is without complaints.

2. Rexing V1

The number one feature I would point out on this cam is a Sony Exmor sensor. It is not just a resolution that tells us how good a camera is but also color levels, shading, v-sync, light and so on. But to make it a bit simpler for non-techies to understand what is good I will just say that this Sony sensor is probably the definition of top quality. Other specs are similar like a camera above but this sensor makes all the difference.

3. YI Smart

As its name suggest this is a smart camera. The smart things about it are additional features such as phone app, lane assist, proximity sensor, wifi and more. On top of that, it has 60fps capability for recording and that makes the camera much better but the problem can be that file sizes will be double than from 30fps recordings. 

4. VATENIC Dual Cam

What is better than one camera? Well, i would say that two cameras are better than one. Vatenic made the simplest camera design I could find for a dash cam. The dual-camera system is very compact and my choice for people searching for entry-level dash cam without too much compromise in quality.

5. Toguard Mirror Cam

It’s a rear view mirror and a dual camera in one. A great idea put into the product with great quality. I like unique and interesting devices and this one is just super special. The touch screen mirror shows a wide view for both front and rear. When it’s turned off it can be used as just a mirror.


Every dash camera form the list has 1080p recording available and that is my recommendation as a minimum spec to have. All other features make some difference but it is just personal preference to pick a favorite. My list is made to show some unique items available on the market that I like and find interesting to show you. is an affiliate. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
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