Top 5 Tablets for the year 2020

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Welcome to the world of tablet devices. In this article, I am showing you my picks for the top 5 tablets for the year 2020.

Computers today have various forms and purposes. One of the popular forms is tablets. They are like phones with larger screens but not as big as laptops. It is like mini TVs for travel or maybe a notepad or a picture frame etc. That would be my explanation of their meaning. Now, let’s look at the list to see a few interesting ones.

1. Apple iPad

A big apple. One of the flagship products for the entire Apple brand truly impressed me so much that I put it as number one on this list. Specs and features included are great and pencil (stylus) is, in my opinion, the best on the market. I would say that this device is my choice as an entry-level product for all of the Apple ecosystem.

2. Fire HD 8

Here is one device that won me over because of simplicity. It does not have amazing hardware but is super simple to use as everything is so intuitive and well organized. Of all Fire tablets, I think that HD8 is just the sweet spot.

3. Nexus 9

It was a challenge to pick the perfect mid-range tablet for this list as the market is full of a large number of devices. I eventually chose Nexus from HTC because of the quality and durability of many devices I used over the years from the brand. Noticeable pros from features list I like to mention are a battery of around 4000mAh and 2GB of RAM. That is enough battery life and memory for playing games on travels or for multitasking.

4. Fusion5 – 10”

Windows on the go. I love windows 10 that I use on my PC, it is just perfect for all I do. To be able to have that environment anywhere I go is awesome. I think that even having minimum hardware to run this OS is all one needs but this tablet even has a bit more. Connectivity ports are the highest standard on the market.

5. Wacom Mobile Studio

To be fair, I can’t 100% say that this is a tablet but that is how it is most often categorized on the internet. The reason why it is my pick here is that I personally owned and used Wacom digitizers and its superb experience working on such devices. The feedback you get and the responsiveness of the display is so smooth. I would call this one a top of the line designers tool, just edging Microsoft’s Surface Pro.


What extraordinary devices tablets are. For the world dominated by smartphones, with these things you can get a bit more and can really feel the difference. You can see more apps on the screen, multitask better and overall have a larger screen for watching multimedia content and browse the internet with ease all while on the go or just laying in bed. is an affiliate. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
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