Top 5 Mobile Phones for the year 2020

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Welcome to the world of mobile phones. There is an insane number of different phones out there. It can be overwhelming to try to go through the full list to see their specs and to compare them. Therefore, I made a shortlist of just the top 5 devices I liked from my research on the market. I chose them because of their distinct features and my personal preference. Hope we share the same taste. 😉

1. Moto G7 

All-rounder. I love phones that are feature-rich and not luxury. They usually bring the best value on the market. In my opinion, mid-tier cell phones are the most important product of the tech world. That is a great challenge for phone companies but Motorola did amazing work putting together this device with so many features included.

2. Razer Phone 2

Gaming phones are a super special sub-category of phones. They are up to a great challenge trying to deliver performance specially oriented for game apps. This by default means they have to have top of the line hardware and to be able to last for long gaming sessions. Razer Phone 2 is my pick for a gaming phone as I think it delivers exactly what gamers want and more.

3. Simple Mobile TCL

Bare minimum. It is just amazing for me to see that phones that are considered as entry-level have so many features. Just 5 years ago these specs were a thing for mainstream popular phones. Therefore I have to say that this Simple Mobile phone is my pick for the top 5 as the value king, Just impressive.

4. Samsung Galaxy S20

Finally, 5G is available. I can tell you for myself I am an android guy as I use and like Android OS very much. To experience the full potential of this system you need a really high-performance device. One such device is definitely Samsung’s flagship phone, the S20. Every time Samsung releases a new Galaxy S series phone, the whole tech world is pushed forward to the next generation. 

5. Google Pixel 4

As I wrote above I like Android OS but this is just one piece of Google product line-up. One other piece is made of Pixel phones. To be fair, for the fifth place on this list I was thinking to put some Apple because it would be natural to have it here, but I never use any Apple product and so I can’t really say if it would fit in the list. Google Pixel 4 fits just perfectly here as it is a natural android.


Out of all phones from this list, I personally own just Samsung Galaxy so my review is not completely from a user’s perspective. On the other hand, all of the listed phones are androids and I do have a lot of users experience on that OS. I am super satisfied with it and I will stay with it. is an affiliate. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
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