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We live in a world of chairs. Well, this may be an odd thing to say but it is true, at least in some sense.

I went online recently to search for a chair. At first, I was not searching for anything special, just four legs and a backboard. But, as I was browsing more and more I came across too many options and that became a bit of a problem.

My initial requirement for a chair to be ‘just chair’ turned into a search for the ultimate chair that has all the features as some transforming space-age machine. And the problem with that is that wish can be expensive.
But, luckily, the ‘world of chairs’ had a solution for me in the form of a gaming chair. And what is a gaming chair?

Well, it a chair that has some extra features and transformation forms shaped in a way to support people who sit for a longer time and have a need to rotate once in a while. As it turns out these people are usually called gamers.
And since I like to play games and to call myself a gamer I took some time to look more into this sub-world of chairs.

Products I came across the most can fit into few categories like feature-rich, quality, price-to-performance-deal, entry-level and so on…
In the following summary, I show you the top 5 products I picked that I think are interesting.

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1. Homall Gaming Chair

If I would need to pick one chair as a default item to present what ‘gaming chair’ is it would de this one. It has just the right features in place that work well and no extra things that serve no purpose except to add expense. Tall back support with two cushions included is a great comfort. Elbow rest, back recliner, height adjustment, and free rotation are standard things included. Pretty much defining product of the category.

2. GTRACING Gaming Chair with Speakers

This gaming chair is more like a speaker-chair. It includes two Bluetooth speakers on the back and all other things are just as on the chair above. I just wish there was a separate base woofer to add more of a base kick so you can feel the beat while gaming. But, at least with this feature included you don’t need headphones.

3. X Rocker 51259 Pro

Now, this chair has a 4.1 sound system with sub-woofer and some extra vibration motors that make far better experience than the chair above. Another thing to notice is that this is a low sitting chair and it is great for controller players and not so much for keyboard users. You can’t rotate left-right while sitting but you can swing forward-backward.

4. AuAg Gaming Chair

Metal, metal, and more metal. I am the kind of guy that when I see a product that has metal parts in places where plastic can be used I think that product is high quality. And so, I will call this chair a simple quality gaming chair with basic features but quality made. No cushions for neck but headrest is adjustable. 

5. Furmax Office Chair

If you want just a base chair that you can improve on your own by adding some cushions than this is the best such chair I can recommend. For me, the biggest problem with this chair is limiting reclining ability. You can only tilt the whole upper part not just back support. 


All chairs presented above are my personal picks. I chose them based on distinct features they have. Some may be better quality than others but what all of them have in common is comfort. is an affiliate. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
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