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Toilet paper

This is the list of toilet papers. Yeah, toilet papers. There is nothing too special about any of them to make them much better than any others. Because lists usually have 5 items, this list also has 5 items, no other reason. Anyway, enjoy the list.

Toilet paper No.1

Charmin Ultra Soft. It’s soft, unlike many others. It will wipe your behind softly. Well, that’s all I can say here, let’s move on to the next one.

Toilet paper No.2

Quilted Northern Ultra Plush. It says 24 supreme rolls equals 99 regular ones. It only begs a question of why it doesn’t equal 100 but who cares anyway.

Toilet paper No.3

Fteied 2020 Professional Series. It’s professional in something, probably wiping. Just as previous ones its a toilet paper in a roll.

Toilet paper No.4

QUICATCH 3 Layers. Did you know that you can use toilet papers as paper towels and vise versa?

Toilet paper No.5

NANTE Home Soft. Ok now, this one is super mega different than the previous 4. Just kidding, it’s all pretty much the same, just another name.

If any of these toilet papers are not available, just pick any other that is available and you are good to go to the bathroom.

Leave a comment bellow what alternatives you used for wiping?

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