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Autumn has come, and soon winter will come with all its magic. Those who like to travel to distant destinations, and are not fans of snow and cold, but would rather enjoy tropical beaches during autumn and winter, are increasingly opting to travel to very exotic and beautiful destinations – Zanzibar and Tanzania.

The average temperature in January and February in this part of Africa is 28-29 degrees Celsius, so those who decide to travel this winter actually go on vacation. Of course, the warm temperature is not all that Tanzania and Zanzibar have to offer, and below are just some of the main features of these destinations that are increasingly attracting our tourists.

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Tanzania – the natural beauty of Africa

The capital of Tanzania is Dodoma, although the largest is Darm es Salaam, which was the capital of Tanzania until 1973, and still has the largest population of Tanzania, and is the economic center of this country. The official language is Swahili, but in addition to it, there are 100 different languages ​​in use by the population of Tanzania, which numbers over 55 million people.

The United Republic of Tanzania, whose autonomous province of Zanzibar, is the place where the highest and lowest point of Africa is located – Mount Kilimanjaro (5, 895m) and Lake Tanganyika (352m below sea level). Also, Tanzania boasts a total of 16 national parks. These data already say a lot about the colorfulness and beauty of the geographical relief

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The most famous and most visited national park in Tanzania is Ngorongoro, known as the largest crater in the world with a diameter of over 20km. Apart from craters, this place is also a place where you will often see elephants, bison, lions, leopards, and rhinos, so you should definitely not miss this trip.

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Zanzibar – an archipelago of contrast

Zanzibar is an archipelago consisting of two islands and is one of the most famous exotic destinations in the world. Zanzibar is divided into 3 regions: North, South, and the capital – Zanzibar city. The city of Zanzibar is divided into two parts that make a real contrast: the historic center Stone Town which is very authentic and made up of stone houses and the modern part of the city, Ngambo where most of the inhabitants live and work.

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Zanzibar population density map

Not only is contrast the hallmark of the capital, but the life of Zanzibar itself is full of contrasts – from the most luxurious hotels on the shores of Zanzibar to the old houses of its inhabitants, from the most refined meals to the exotic ones sold in the city markets – Zanzibar is full of diversity and offers a wide variety of lifestyles, both to its residents and tourists.

A tropical paradise all year round

What Zanzibar is most famous for are certainly the incredibly beautiful landscapes of the tricot blue sea and long, white, sandy beaches, and vacation on them is a real exotic escape from civilization, so if Zanzibar travel 2019 is your choice for summer, or maybe winter travel, for sure you will not go wrong.

Zanzibar’s main income comes from the cultivation of various spices, such as cinnamon, cloves, black pepper, and many others. Plantations and spice farms are located in huge areas of the island, and if you go to Zanzibar, go on a trip, and visit these plantations – you will learn a lot about the spices themselves, but also about the lifestyle of the inhabitants of Zanzibar. Coconut palms are also one of the main natural attributes of Zanzibar, coconut oil, which is produced in abundance on this tropical island, has various health benefits and numerous ways of application.

The untouched, natural soil of Zanzibar also gives the opportunity to grow attractive and delicious tropical fruits and vegetables, which are an integral part of the authentic meals of the inhabitants of this island, so during your stay, you will try a variety of authentic Zanzibar dishes. If you are a fan of classic cuisine and do not like to experiment with food, that is not a problem either – you will easily find the classic food restaurants you are used to.

In addition to all the things that Tanzania and its Zanzibar archipelago offer, it is not surprising that an increasing number of our tourists decide to visit this distant destination. Not only does it provide a true tropical paradise with its incredibly beautiful beaches and perfect weather conditions, but it also allows us to get to know a completely different, authentic African culture, as well as the way of life of its inhabitants.

Don’t forget to inquire at the agency about all travel expenses, such as a visa that is mandatory for Tanzania. Of course, for such a distant destination, be sure to take travel insurance, and bring probiotics that you can use preventively.

And when you get there – relax, laugh, and enjoy the exotic, with the main motto of the people of Tanzania: Hakuna Matata (no worries). is an affiliate. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
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