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Microsoft unveiled a new mobile platform yesterday. Windows Phone 8 is an operating system that will allow users to use the new NFC technology, as well as those designed to support quad-core devices, but also more open-source code that will allow developers easier access to this platform, which should result in an increased number of applications for Windows Phone 8 There are also Wallet hub options, greater Skype integration and improved so-called Start Screen interface with new tiles or fields.

Windows Phone 8 comes two years after Windows Phone 7 OS

Windows Phone 8 comes after the launch of Windows Phone 7 in November 2010 and major changes through version 7.5, better known as Mango. Windows Phone 8 is very similar to Windows 8, which will allow this mobile platform to “deal” with more serious hardware, such as the OS from the PC platform.

Also, Windows Phone 8 will be able to adequately support higher screen resolutions, which should make this version, called Apollo, far more widespread than it was with versions 7 and 7.5.

Windows Phone 8 brings a lot of personalization and services like Wallet, better integrated Skype, and Nokia Maps.

Windows Phone 8 brings plenty of personalization

We have already said that the home screen will be changed, and the changes will be reflected through the possibility of personalizing the so-called “Tile” or tiles. The user will be able to change their position, size, and color.

Windows Phone 8 brings with it Internet Explorer 10, as well as an option called Wallet, which is a kind of response to the Passbook and NFC services on Apple and Android and will concern payments via mobile devices.

Microsoft says that current models with the Windows platform will not be able to switch to Windows Phone 8, but the software giant has prepared Windows 7.8 for them, which will be available after Windows Phone 8 is launched. The mentioned 7.8 version also brings a new home screen and certainly some more (for now not so well known) improvements.

Windows Phone 8 – proven Office, Skype, and Internet Explorer in one place

Phones on the Windows Phone 8 platform have already been announced by Nokia, Samsung, HTC, and Huawei, and they will all run on dual-core Qualcomm dual-core processors. This announcement by major manufacturers will surely delight those who are considering whether to, say, from Android, switch to the Windows platform.

Related to this is the news that the Windows Phone Marketplace has surpassed the number of 100,000 applications. That this application exchange place for Windows phones has the support of the parent company, can be seen from the fact that Microsoft announced that the Marketplace will be available to users in as many as 180 countries (read almost everyone in the world)! Also, Windows Phone 8 itself will be localized in an amazing 50 languages! is an affiliate. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
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