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The Alcatel OT-918D Dual SIM is one pretty interesting dual card smartphone. This is another model that Alcatel wants to impress the market with, and what can be said at first glance is that the French have succeeded in that.

The Alcatel OT-918D has arrived on the market and with a simply incredible price, it makes it known that dual SIM phones are cheaper, but in this case not worse than those that are “satisfied” with just one card. If we tell you that the Alcatel OT-918D is an Android device with two cameras, a solid processor, 3G, and GPS, the matter is seriously heated (just like the weather these days). Alcatel really made a good device…

Alcatel OT-918D – two cards at a really low price.

We will start from the beginning, that is, from the design. It is not ideal, but for 130 and something euros, you cannot expect something unique. The Alcatel OT-918D looks pretty solid, with a rubber texture, which is not surprising because part of the surface of the phone is made so that it does not slip, that is, it gives the feeling of holding a rubber device in your hand, which is commendable.

The phone is dominated by a 3.2-inch TFT screen that has a decent 320 × 480 pixels and is able to register several touches at the same time, as well as the ambient light.

Alcatel OT-918D – two cards and two cameras.

In addition to receiving two cards, the Alcatel OT-918D also has two cameras, which is just great for a device in this price range. The front one is for video calls and of course, it is not of any special quality (which we did not expect, it is good that it exists at all and we are more than satisfied with that), while the other one has 3.15 megapixels and is able to take photos with a resolution of 2048 × 1536 pixels.

We can say that Alcatel OT-918D is a smartphone that offers more than just two SIM cards. It might be better to say that Alcatel has seriously stepped into something more serious, which in the near future could be manifested through some similar and of course better dual SIM models.

The Alcatel OT-918D has flaws in the form of a smaller screen and memory and a slightly weaker battery.

The memory is modest and you can’t expect any “durability” from it, because with 256 MB of RAM the most skillful ones are not the most noticeable and the internal memory is quite thin, so the real cure will be a microSD card that can compensate for the lack of memory with a maximum of 32 GB. The problem with this phone can be a not too big screen, so tapping on it can be a bit problematic until you get used to it.

Also, the screen in the sun isn’t exactly the most visible, but it’s all part of the story of the price the Alcatel OT-918D has. If we went further and looked for some more objections, it would be the battery, which with 1,300 aAh does not seem to be quite up to the screen and Android battery consumers.

In support of this is the fact that with one charge you have only 4 hours of talk time or up to 200 hours in standby mode.

The French company has invested a lot of effort into the Alcatel OT-918D model.

There is the standard Gingerbread Android, which is quite sufficient and good for a phone like this. It is interesting that the Alcatel OT-918D, in addition to the two cards, has all available connections today (except, of course, HDMI).

So the Internet via GPRS, EDGE, and 3G connections will be available, but good Wi-Fi can come to the rescue at any time. There’s also the popular “blue tooth”, USB and what’s especially significant is GPS!

Now we come to the summary of the Alcatel OT-918D. We will repeat what we said at the beginning, and that is that for this money you will hardly find a phone with similar characteristics. It looks like the Alcatel OT-918D has that ace up its sleeve and competitors can hardly get it to pull that ace out ahead of time.

With the disadvantages that a phone like this simply has to have, it is clear that the Alcatel OT-918D can meet almost all your needs. If you are looking for two cards on Android, then the Alcatel OT-918D may be the phone for you… is an affiliate. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
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