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It was only a matter of time before Microsoft introduced its hardware platform because it’s quite irritating to make software for various computer manufacturers, without moving a finger while watching them “cut your hat”. Windows Surface 2.0 is the first tablet/laptop (as you prefer) to come from this great company. How successful Microsoft was at that time will show, because the first tablet with the Windows 8 operating system is a fresh product and it should be given time to prove it.
Microsoft Surface 2.0 – a tablet in a new guise.

Windows Surface 2.0 is one new tablet sight. There is no doubt about that. This device with its 10.6-inch diagonal is designed to work as a PC and as a tablet, and what is also interesting is the fact that Windows Surface 2.0 will come in two versions: Windows RT and Windows 8 Pro operating systems.

Microsoft executives point out that Windows Surface 2.0 is a hardware image of their software that their hardware partners have failed to create. It’s good that they remembered. It took them a while, but you know the saying: better ever than never.
Microsoft Surface 2.0 comes in RT and Pro versions.

Microsoft Surface 2.0 is a fairly thin device.

Windows Surface 2.0 is a fairly modest device in terms of dimensions. It is only 9.3 mm thin (which can compete with some smartphones), while the Pro version is slightly thicker and has 13.5 mm at the waist. Both versions have standard USB ports, while the RT also has a microSD port and the Pro microSDXC.
Microsoft Surface 2.0 has a touch screen with Gorilla Glass protection.

The screen is of course touch sensitive and works in 16: 9 format, and comes with HD. Similar to modern phones, Windows Surface 2.0 has implemented Gorilla Glass technology, so scratching the screen is disabled (except in some extreme cases of the desire to destroy technical devices, but we do not recommend it to anyone without this sense of entertainment and without a deeper pocket…).

A total of four versions will be offered to future owners when it comes to memory. Under the auspices of the RT version, it will be possible to choose between 32 and 64 GB, while the PRO version offers a choice between 64 and 128 GB of memory.

How much Windows Surface 2.0 will cost is not yet known. What we all know more or less is the fact that there are similar devices on the market (with a different OS though), and that Microsoft will have to take care of that. is an affiliate. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
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