Why coworking hubs are a good thing and where to find them in Serbia

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Coworking hubs are another proof that Serbia does not lag behind in trends in relation to the rest of the West. If you are a freelancer or simply someone whose job allows you to work from home, which makes you feel that your productivity is reduced compared to people who work in offices – this is the text for you. What is a coworking hub, what are its advantages, and where you can find them in Serbia? You can read that below.

What is a coworking hub?

Coworking is a style of work that implies that employees in different spheres share one job, that they have their own habits and activities unrelated to the rest of the team, but still function together. A co-working hub is a specific place where people who do not work for the same company but share a desire to work in an office that provides them with energy and relationship dynamics, gather.

In the first place, this is a solution for all people who do not like isolation from people while working, and whose job does not initially require going to work like all freelancers or increasingly popular online retailers.

What are the benefits of coworking hubs?

When it comes to the coworking hub, it goes without saying that it is not just a place where people meet, but it is about building a social institution. It is intended for people who like to be surrounded by others, to share common rooms such as the kitchen, to drink coffee, and meet new people from different professions with different interests.

If you feel that you are not productive enough from home and you need to have the obligation to go to work, while being surrounded by people who share the same values as yours, your job will fall far easier.

Members of the coworking hub have access to offices, high-speed internet, very often meeting rooms, and the more advanced ones also have employees who try to make your stay as pleasant as possible.

In a number of hub’s weight as a more natural environment and accept the domestic animals, organize activities and design the space so that you feel at home, even though you are not. With a monetary compensation that is far more modest than renting your own job, you have a number of advantages.

Where to find coworking hubs in Serbia?

If you like the concept and idea of ​​coworking hubs, here are suggestions on where you can find them in Serbia.

Smart office

The smart office is located in the city ​​center at 33 Kneza Mihajla Street. Coworking places can be rented, which means that you are able to rent space for only one day. It has a kitchen, free use of the conference room, a separate business unit as well as the use of wireless internet, printers, and scanners.

Business incubator Novi Sad

In Vojvodjanskih Brigada Street 28 in Novi Sad, there is a Business Incubator that occupies an area of ​​over 800 m2 and has 25 offices. In addition, it has a coworking space on the first floor.

For the price of 69 euros per month, you get all-day access to the space, internet, use of the microwave, and use of the microwave.

Modrulj office furniture in Novi Sad is one of the most sought after when it comes to the economical and professional ways of arranging workspace.

ICT hub

In Veljka Dugoševića Street 54 in the Science and Technology Park Zvezdara, there is a coworking space ICT hub. This space is a bit more unusual due to its relaxed space with a golf course.

It contains 50 places to work and the time you spend there is not conditioned or limited by anything, which means that if you have such needs – you can stay 24 hours a day. The price is only 65 euros per month, and it includes a parking space, internet, office equipment, and logistical and technical support.

Marsh, Open Space

In Cetinjska Street 15 in the heart of Belgrade is a center where entrepreneurs from different professions gather. It has about 150 m2 and also contains a Lounge, a Community corner section called Multimedia and Marsh.

It is possible to rent a chair, table, table for more people from the same business per day (week). Provided the printing, scanning, optical internet, and flip chart. The price of a chair per day is 12 euros per person.

Startit Center

Startit Center exists at locations in Belgrade, Novi Sad, Indjija, and Zrenjanin. In Belgrade, in Savska Street, the rent is 129 euros per month, in Novi Sad (Miroslava Antica 2) it is 80 euros per month, while in Indjija (Vojvode Step 2) and Zrenjanin (Trg Slobode 7) the price is 47 euros.

What sets the Startit Center apart is the meetup courses that are organized throughout the country. Their biggest focus is on the IT and creative industries.

Infostud HUB

In the city of Subotica, on the location Korzo 1, there is a newly opened space Infostud HUB. In addition to workspace, it provides the opportunity for lectures, meetups for ambitious entrepreneurs. There are working hours, which are from 8 am to 8 pm, and it has 24 work units, but also an event hall that can accommodate up to 60 people.

It has a kitchen, a room for rest and relaxation. On a monthly level, the price is 65 euros per month, and on a daily basis (without the privilege of reserving seats), the price is 500 dinars.


In Svetozara Markovića 8 in Niš, there is a coworking space Tilda. This space offers a free first week to new users before opting for this type of work atmosphere. It is possible to lease space on the agenda (900 dinars), weekly (3000 dinars), monthly (9000 dinars), and quarterly level (25,000 dinars).

Mokrin House

At 25 Sveti Sava Street in Mokrin, there is an unusual coworking space because of its appearance and the services it offers. In addition to using the workspace, it is possible to rent a room.

Provides twenty-four-hour use of space. It offers the possibility of booking, and the price depends on what the user needs as well as for how long he needs the unit.

If you like the dynamics and this type of organizing business obligations, we recommend that you contact the coworking hub that suits you best and make sure of their efficiency.

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