Advantages of Vacationing in the Serbian Mountains

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Holidays in the mountains are becoming an increasingly attractive summer arrangement because the Serbian mountains are working in detail to improve the tourist offer, as well as the variety of content and attractions that can be found in each of the mountains. Holidays at sea are a classic, something we are all used to, but it is not bad to break the monotony of your choices this year and head to one of the beautiful Serbian mountains. Find out all the advantages of Serbian mountains in relation to summer vacations at sea.

1 Kopaonik

Kopaonik is the most visited Serbian mountain, especially during the winter season when many foreign tourists come to this mountain to get top service at affordable prices. Kopaonik has significantly improved its ski offer, so lately it has become one of the most popular ski centers in Europe. Apartments on Kopaonik are also numerous and very well equipped, in order to maintain the level of service and offer.

In order for Kopaonik not to be visited only in winter, the tourist organization of Kopaonik has provided numerous summer facilities that attract many domestic and foreign tourists. On Kopaonik there are numerous pools where you can sunbathe and soak up the mountain sun rays and clean air.

The authentic thing that Kopaonik offers to tourists is a very diverse offer of adrenaline content. If you are a person who loves nature and adventure, then this destination is the right summer choice.

On Kopaonik, there are zip-line descent, difficult and medium-difficult bicycle paths, exploring the National Park, horseback riding, adrenaline activities such as alpine climbing, but also quad riding in the hilly areas. For moments when you want to slow down, there are organized walking tours, where you can explore all the beauties of Kopaonik.

2 Zlatibor

The second most visited Serbian mountain is definitely Zlatibor. This mountain is much more tourist and commercially oriented than Kopaonik, which, above all, is developing as a high-quality ski center.

Zlatibor attracts with its numerous contents, but also with a very attractive environment, such as the villages, but also Andrićgrad and Drvengrad. You can reach these destinations with organized excursions and enjoy the sights it offers. The most attractive monument on Zlatibor has become a walking tour, that is, the “health trail”. It is a monument to the partisans, who defended the Zlatibor district from the German occupation.

Zlatibor also offers a number of authentic dishes, which are characteristic only for this area, such as a set of buns, which is great for regaining strength after walking tours.

The surroundings of Zlatibor, which includes various villages that have retained their tradition, such as Sirogojno, Gostilj, and Vodice, are very attractive to tourists. In Gostilj there are also famous waterfalls, which are an unavoidable place for enjoyment but also for painting.

3 Stara planina

Stara Planina is known for its rural tourism. This is one of the Serbian mountains that has preserved most of its authenticity and has not yet succumbed to great commercialization. If you are a nature lover, you can see beautiful, untouched landscapes here. Get acquainted with the ancient and medieval heritage, which has been preserved on Serbian territory.

The old mountain is full of medicinal herbs, so you can return from this summer vacation with numerous herbs that will be useful for you in autumn and winter. Traditional Serbian cuisine dominates in these areas, so after numerous walks in the woods and meadows, you can treat yourself to homemade pies, cabbage rolls, pilaf, and similar meals.

There are also many wild animals here, so this summer is a unique opportunity to see them live, of course, from a safe distance.

4 Mine

Mountain Rudnik is located in the vicinity of Gornji Milanovac and carries a great cultural and historical heritage, but also imposing natural landscapes. Different cultures have lived on this mountain throughout history, and some of them are Celts, Romans, Byzantines, but also Turks during the occupation.

This Serbian mountain is ideal for relaxing in nature, sunbathing with a pleasant climate and the atmosphere it brings with it. The mine also has volcanic formations in its possession, which are believed to be about 20 million years old.

This summer is the right time to get acquainted with the interesting and turbulent Serbian history that this mountain has to offer.

5 Tara

Mount Tara is another Serbian mountain that has, for now, been preserved from commercialization. Here you can see very diverse flora and fauna, while the most popular location on Tara – Zaovinsko Lake.

The biggest natural and adrenaline attraction on Tara is the river Drina, which offers the option of rafting, in different degrees of difficulty. Accommodation on this mountain is in line with the traditional look, so mountain cottages can usually be found as an option.

Each house has a large yard in its possession, so Tara is ideal for the complete relaxation of body and soul. In the evening, in front of the house, you can light a campfire and enjoy socializing in a beautiful natural setting. is an affiliate. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
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