Which Alcoholic Beverages are the Least Fattening

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And it is no secret that alcoholic beverages are very high in calories and can affect weight gain if consumed in moderation. However, this fact has rarely led to someone refusing an hour of pure pleasure with their friends, for the sake of maintaining a line and a slender figure. Simply, those little moments of pure hedonism are part of our culture and tradition, and people rarely give them up, even at the cost of gaining a few pounds more.

As the warm and nice weather approaches, we should be especially careful in those months. Summer is especially problematic, because then we relax the most and enjoy our stay outdoors, and nothing quenches our thirst as well as a large glass of well-chilled beer. The real danger lies in the fact that alcohol contains a large number of carbohydrates and so-called “empty calories”, and has no nutritional value.

Also, it slows down all other processes in the body, because preference is given to expelling alcohol from the system. To avoid this trap and maintain your attractive appearance in the coming months, it is good to know how many calories alcohol actually contains and how many glasses you can drink without gaining weight.


Beer is considered to be the biggest enemy of a slender waist, and there is even the term ” beer belly ” which confirms this. Still, a mug of beer contains 170 calories, but the problem is that rarely does anyone stick to just one. Even some experts claim that beer alone will not lead to obesity, but the food we eat after a few glasses of this drink.

If you are a beer lover, be sure to choose light ones, because they contain a much lower percentage of calories than dark ones. Also, stay away from home-brewed beers, because their caloric value can be twice as high as in industrial ones.


In the coming period, various celebrations and weddings await us, where spirits such as whiskey, vodka, or brandy are most often consumed. They are also the enemies of every diet because even though they have about 50 calories, they contain a lot of alcohol that they gain. Avoid these short drinks at celebrations, and instead, choose another option that has less of an effect on your figure.

Cocktails and gin and tonic

The drinks that make you fat the most are definitely mixed drinks like various cocktails. In addition to alcohol, there is a large number of sweet syrups and juices in them, which literally makes them a calorie bomb. The fact that one glass of cocktail can contain over 300 calories gives you a good guideline to stay away from this alcoholic beverage.

Mixtures of drinks such as gin and tonic are no better options because the tonic itself is made from corn syrup, which is full of fructose. To show you how much fructose is fat, we will only tell you that it is also found in Coca-Cola. So, if you really like gin drinks, a better option is to mix it with acidic water to which you have added a little lemon juice.


Although champagne is the drink that is most forced at celebrations such as the New Year, there are many fans who enjoy it during the rest of the year. This is a really good decision because one deciliter of champagne contains only 80 calories. In addition to not fattening, champagne is also very good for the overall condition of the body, because it improves heart health, gives the skin a more beautiful appearance, and also affects a better mood, and reduces depression.


If you really want to look perfect, and you don’t want to gain weight, your ally will be wine. Not only does it not affect weight, but recent studies have proven that women who regularly drink this drink have less fat deposits than those who do not consume alcohol. So pour yourself a glass of red or white wine and enjoy hanging out with your friends without any feelings of guilt or fear that you will gain weight.

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