The Most Expensive Carpets in the World

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The decoration inside every home, a fashion detail that attracts the attention of a guest, or an ordinary path that serves its primary purpose of walking on it are just some of the associations to the mention of the word – carpet. The textile product, which has been an integral part of every household for centuries, has undergone numerous transformations during that period.

From originally woolen carpets predominantly used until the 20th century, through synthetic materials in the making, all the way to fashion details that look abstract, the look of carpets has changed. However, for those for whom the carpet is more than just a path, the traditional way of making carpets and the value they have today, has increased over the years and centuries. Below, we will introduce you to some of the most expensive carpets in the world.

Pearl rug from India

The story of the origin of the pearl carpet from the city of Baroda in India dates from the 17th century, more precisely the period that dates from 1860-1865. years. The creator of this masterpiece vowed to make a carpet worthy of the tomb of the Prophet Muhammad.

Woven from silk and deerskin, encrusted with natural pearls from the city of Basra in Iraq, and covered with English pearls, this carpet was put up for auction in 2009 in Doha by the company Sotheby’s. The estimated price of 5 million dollars rose to a full 5.54 million dollars. Thus, this magnificent carpet was sold as one of the most expensive carpets in history.

To keep your carpet long-lasting shine and freshness, and save you millions of dollars for a beautiful carpet, it is recommended to wash the carpet with steam. That way, you will preserve the new look of your carpet and make your home cleaner and more beautiful.

Colorful Persian rug

The carpet that adorned the court of Louis XV. The most famous European manufacturer of carpets made with the help of the knot technique, Savonnerie manufacture, enjoyed the greatest fame during the second half of the 17th century. One such carpet, owned by the famous designer Karl Lagerfeld, was put up for auction in April 200 by the company Kristi from Monaco.

The price that the carpet from the time Louis XV reached was an astronomical 5.7 million dollars. The creation from 1750 was designed by the French painter Joseph Perrault and thus showed that there are many ways to express yourself creatively.

Decoration of the richest home in America – Mughal carpet

A floral carpet of the highest quality Pashmir wool, dating from the Mughal Empire, adorned the premises of one of the richest families in the history of mankind – the Vanderbilt family. The American family of Dutch origin became famous during the “gilded era” in which the construction of the railway in the USA was a key factor.

Christie’s auction held in London in 2013, attracted huge public attention due to the known origin of the item that was offered. Estimated in the range of $ 2.4 million to $ 3.2 million, this beautiful piece of cashmere wool sold for $ 7.7 million.

An early example of a Persian rug with perrat patterns

Kerman Persian rugs are one of the most famous types in the classification of rugs from Iran. As a city and area in the central part of former Persia, they are known for the wide range of colors and patterns that adorn these carpets. Natural colors and fibers, dense texture, and abrasion resistance contribute to the aesthetic qualities and overall value of these carpets.

Christie’s auction in London offered this carpet in 2010, estimating it at only 900 euros. A bad assessment that did not take into account the fact that the specimen was one of the earliest representatives of Persian carpets with perrat patterns cost the previous owner higher earnings.

However, as it usually happens, the price first jumped to 20,000 dollars, and at the next auction, the carpet from the 17th century was sold for a paltry 9.7 million dollars. That is why a creative way of advertising products is important in any offer, even millions.

The most expensive carpet ever – the price of which falls into unconsciousness

For more than three years, the record for the most expensive carpet remained below the figure of 10 million US dollars. And then an amazing specimen of a Persian rug appeared. Patterns in the shape of sickle leaves of grapes and palmettes represent the finest weaving product of Persian production.

As part of the display of numerous museums, exhibitions, and events, the value of the carpet was estimated at some 5-7 million dollars. However, due to the unique design and red background, which is the only known example of such a Persian carpet, the Sotheby’s auction in New York raised the value of the carpet almost five times and sold it for an incredible 33.7 million dollars! is an affiliate. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
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