How to drink rum – A few tips for maximum enjoyment

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You will admit, rum is not the first drink that will come to your mind when it comes to alcohol, but you have certainly drunk it several times so far. Without it, parties attended by young people, such as adulthood celebrations, cannot pass, and it is also considered to be one of the most common ingredients used to prepare alcoholic cocktails.

Logically, most rum cocktails come from the Caribbean, and probably the most famous representative is the famous Cuba Libre. An interesting legend is connected to its origin, which tells of an American soldier who ordered rum and cola in Cuba but mixed them in one glass before consumption. Fascinated by the taste, he conveyed his enthusiasm to others, and soon everyone drank rum in combination with this juice.

What exactly is rum?

Rum is essentially distilled sugar. It is produced from by-products of molasses, which is formed during the production of sugar or by fermentation of fresh sugar cane itself. Before it is put on the market, rum must be aged in oak barrels, regardless of whether it is white or black rum. Although it is produced all over the world today, the first rum was made by the inhabitants of Barbados. There are several divisions of rum, but they are most often categorized as white, dark, or golden.

When and how to drink rum?

Although rum is usually drunk on a night out when visiting clubs or bars, it is also a good choice when consuming meals at home or in a restaurant.

Rum can be drunk as an aperitif and in that case, the white type served in vodka glasses is used. If you drink it after a meal, use dark or golden varieties, and pour it into a thick glass. The rule is to pour rum up to a third of a glass and then heat it with your palms to release its pleasant aroma. Real connoisseurs will enjoy every sip of rum and consume Tempus from Cuba with it.

If the rum is served clean, a few ice cubes are added to it. The goal is to feel the full smell of rum with a slightly diluted taste. Rum lovers like this way of serving the most because the aromatic notes of the drink are not spoiled by side ingredients.

However, rum is most often used as one of the ingredients in cocktails. The choice of dominant ingredients mainly depends on the country and area in which you are located.

The most popular cocktails with rum

Cuba Libre

One of the most famous cocktails is certainly the famous Cuba Libre. This cocktail is also a drink that is most often consumed when celebrating a girl’s night or 18th birthday. It is very easy to prepare, so it is gladly prepared at home parties. Dark rum is usually used for the cocktail, to which Coca-Cola is added.

Of course, we must not forget a few drops of lime juice, which gives the cocktail a special flavor. When you drink this cocktail, you should keep in mind that it is very strong and that you can get drunk from it very quickly. Often, because of the sweet juice, consumers do not feel the alcohol, so they indulge in enjoyment, which often leads to drunkenness.


Rum is also an obligatory ingredient in the Cuban cocktail Mojito, which is a great choice on hot summer days. The secret lies in the perfectly harmonized taste, which is a mixture of sweet and sour. The composition includes white rum, sour water, sugar, lime, and mint leaves, and there is an exact system by which these raw materials are mixed. However, for the perfect taste of this cocktail, it is necessary to mash the mint leaves well along the edge of the glass, so that this plant releases its magical aroma.

Pina Colada

Pina Colada cocktail is most often drunk by women because it is very sweet and light. It is prepared from white rum in combination with pineapple juice and coconut cream. It is usually drunk during the day, on the beach or in a cafe by the sea. is an affiliate. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
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