Ways to Make Money for Students That are Working and Studying

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“Aren’t they students like they used to be?” there are often comments from those who have already earned their pensions. Well, the students complain that this is not the case. But still, the older ones seem to be somewhat right. Today’s students live in an accelerated time, where the path to graduation is increasingly scanty and unfounded.

In such a sea of ​​acceleration, students are forced to manage to pay all duties, rent, canteen, schooling, books, membership fees. in addition to the money, they also provided a contingency plan, in case the studies go wrong.

Or that the period that follows the study goes wrong. Studying is expensive today, and the availability of the power of technology is so close, that some people decide in time to change to another track. We are not saying that it should be so, we are just describing the practice. And from which jobs or ways of coping, today’s students can profit? Let’s go in order.

“Part-time” jobs

If this already established phrase were translated into Serbian, we could get a few phrases. Part-time or part-time jobs sound like an adequate translation. However, due to the economy, we will call them “part-time” jobs. The most important thing is to know that these are not exclusively jobs in a bar or cafe, but we can also include such jobs. Writing blogs, drawing illustrations, inserting content on sites, all these are jobs that we can consider additional and that can take place with studies. If you have some start-up capital and online trading is not a bad choice.

Ideas for canvas lovers

Although these are not frequent jobs, nor are they overpaid, staging jobs can help you meet many people, earn a living, understand the processes of the film industry, and strengthen your love of acting. Being on the movie screen is a kind of privilege, and there are always jobs for extras. If you are studying abroad, “Be-on-screen” is a site that can help you find your way to the screen more easily, and you can make a solid income.

Selling old things

There are companies that are interested in buying old devices. You can top up your wallet if you sell all these old TVs, computers, laptops, mobile phones, and all those devices that you haven’t known what to do for months to an agency like this. This occasional influx of money can make you happy from time to time.

Cash in your knowledge

Didn’t you hate making a script while learning that could help someone else? Have you thought about the situation of “posting” the script on the net, and you get a few cents from each downloaded copy? Yes, it is a good way to make money and no one will consider you selfish. You can give a script to your colleagues, and from those who are lazy and do not respect work, you can make good money. You need to live a little in addition to studies and work, and going out at night will not pay for itself.


Don’t you think educating others is important? Well, then there is an ideal way to present your knowledge to younger generations. Holding extra classes for elementary school students, preparing high school students for admission, are also undeniably a good way to earn pocket money. Using modern technologies, you can do this kind of work via the Internet.

Just think how many You Tubers are making fine sums of money from their creative videos. Put educational content in a fun and innovative way and here’s the way.

An Internet oasis for freelancers

In the past, the term freelancer meant a free spearman who did not belong to any master. Today, it is generally understood as a man of sharp words, someone who handles the camera or programming language codes well. If talent has joined you in one of these groups, there is no winter for you.

Namely, iStock photographers, copywriting writers, illustrators, or developers can make money from their work, in parallel with their studies, dictating their own working hours. Your creative energy can always be used towards the right things, and it is up to you to think of a way and release the traditional way of thinking.

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