How to Travel More (Even When You Don’t Have Money)

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There are various trips, some are cheap, and some require years of budget planning. However, there are also situations where you do not need money for travel. Here are some tips on how to travel more.

Tips for a slim budget

Organize your budget and set it aside each month. Each time you receive a salary, set aside a portion in the travel fund. At least 500 dinars is better than nothing. The goal is to set aside money that you would otherwise spend on something you really don’t need (you certainly won’t die for 500 dinars) and redirect it to creating memories.

It may sound like a little money, but at the end of the year, with 500 dinars a month, you would have 6,000 dinars, which is quite enough to visit an unexplored place in our country with a couple of friends (which is only two hells of cigarettes or three beers a month).

Another option is to try freelance (if your profession allows it), sites like Upwork are a good source for this type of income.

Sign up for discounts. Who doesn’t love a good deal? Surely you used to buy clothes that were on sale, why not do the same with travel arrangements? A little research on the Internet will lead you to pages on social networks that highlight the offers of travel agencies, and you can also apply on the websites of the agencies, and the agencies will send you selected offers.

You don’t have to travel across half the world to enjoy. Although traveling to distant destinations sounds tempting, you would be surprised how much pleasure it can be to go to an undiscovered place in the vicinity.

What’s more, nature in the Balkans has spawned amazing areas that you would easily mix with photos from exotic destinations such as Thailand or Zanzibar. Krupajsko vrelo, Ksamil beach, Neretva, Plitvice, Zlatni rat, Uvac…

Tips when there is no budget

Find a job where travel is implied. Office work is not for everyone, the good thing is that there are various jobs around the world where travel is literally in the job description. Try to get a job on a cruise ship, an airplane crew or an international company.

Also, many summer destinations have a great need for seasonal workers every year. Working in a hotel, cafe or fast food restaurant can provide you with the means to support yourself on vacation.

Or a job you can do anywhere… The development of the digital age has created many non-office occupations. Copywriters, social media managers, designers, are just some of the occupations for which you need nothing more than a laptop, internet connection, and comfortable chairs (if possible).

That is why it is no wonder that more and more people decide to work remotely. To this end, a number of services have been created that deal with connecting people who work while traveling.

Of course, a job such as organizing an event requires direct contact with various companies in order for an event to be successfully realized, but if you are engaged in photography, writing, programming or a similar profession, this is a great option for you.

Teaching a language in another country in exchange for free accommodation. Volunteerism is defined as an activity that contributes to the community, and when you do this in another country it is called Volunteerism!

A very interesting concept – you go to a foreign country and do something that contributes to the social community, e.g. you teach English to locals or help build schools, and in return, you are provided with free accommodation and food.

There are organizations that deal with mediation between individuals who need the help of volunteers and people who want to dedicate their time to a socially useful goal, such as Voluntourism.

Do you know that other people can pay for your trip?

In recent years, the concept of crowdfunding has come to life, which means that people around the world are investing in your project. Certainly, the most famous platform for that is Kickstarter, but it is not the only one.

Platforms such as Indiegogo and GoFundMe can serve as a source for fundraising for travel. However, it is not enough to just write that you need money for travel because you really want to take pictures in Thailand.

People will want to help you if you have a goal that they will connect with, maybe you want to travel to help someone or you want to write a book… If people “understand” you, you are much more likely to succeed in your goal.

What is it that you do best? Do you know any traditional craft or modern “craft”?

Use your skills to get what you want!

For example, if you want to travel somewhere and have a travel blog visited, and you are looking for accommodation? Then you can contact the hotel and ask them to be on your blog in exchange for free accommodation. It doesn’t have to be a blog, maybe you take photos, make websites, take pictures, do painting…

You would be surprised how much firms are willing to negotiate if you can present to them the benefits of their skills.

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