Unusual Hobbies of the Most Successful People in the World

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Successful people, in addition to working hard, know that quality free time is very important for the formation of a healthy personality, and true enjoyment of life. Although sometimes it seems that we do not have much time for ourselves, and it is better not to start with additional activities, many locations in the city, such as the BAH hobby center, are suitable for creative research of our personality.

Even the most successful among us have not been where they are without some “exhaust” valve – so read what celebrities and celebrities enjoy when they are not filmed by cameras.

Extreme blind knocking

That writers are still the most special group of artists was once again confirmed by the best-selling aneric author of the novel – Jonathan Franzen. He spends the writing process completely in the dark, blindfolded. As if that wasn’t enough, to completely eliminate interference from the outside world and be completely focused on writing, he also works in a soundproof room, with earplugs in his ears.

Stephen King, for example, enjoyed a cheesecake before each writing. And our famous realist, Laza Lazarevic, wore white gloves every time he approached the paper with a pencil in his hand.

Bohemian or drunk?

Here is another eccentric artist on our list, who confirms the rule of artistic characters. Irish painter Francis Bacon practiced drinking before each taking a brush in his hands. His abstract, expressionist tradition originated in the agonies of morning hangovers. He himself said that such an unusual practice helps him feel more energetic and inspired, he even advised artists to drink rum.

Swimming in the air

The always welcome hundred-dollar bill has the image of Benjamin Franklin on it, who was known for the unusual custom of spending an hour naked on the terrace every morning when he got up, enjoying the touch of the sun’s rays and the cold wind on his bare skin.

In love ukulele

Billionaire, investor, and director of Berkshire Hathaway, Warren Buffett, learned to play the ukulele at the age of 18, in college, to impress his girlfriend. And now, from time to time, he can surprise shareholders with his skill, and the fact that he performed with Bon Jovi shows that he has become quite virtuoso.

Sexy dishwashing

This interesting phenomenon is not only related to members of the fairer sex, so the first man of Amazon, billionaire Jeff Bezos, feels best when he cancels his wife in the kitchen after dinner. He regularly washes the dishes after joint meals, and he often knows how to spice up his help at home with a sight just for her eyes.

Coffee as a lifestyle

For many, the hobby is drinking coffee during the day with friends or family, but in every segment of life, there is someone who will take your hobby more seriously – extremely seriously. The British financial magnate and the founder of the airline “Virgin Air”, Richard Branson, people also know from his love for coffee, ie the habit of drinking up to 20 cups of this drink a day, while playing chess. Obviously a lot of play and chess.

Walter, Edison, and Isaac Newton also liked to enjoy coffee, who was able to surpass Richard Branson by twice in this hobby.

The magic of old typewriters

The famous actor, Tom Hanks, has been a passionate collector of old typewriters since 1978. A few years ago, he wrote about his passion in the New York Times: “Everything you type on a typewriter sounds magnificent, words come in mini-explosions: knock, knock, knock.” A letter of thanks has the same vibes as a bestseller.

The sweet side of Twitter

The director of Twitter, Dick Costolo, has an unusual, very noble and useful hobby – beekeeping. He likes to observe how the hive works, and he likes being in the company of bees and nature the most.

Born acrobat

Sergey Brin, the co-founder of Google, is known for spending his free time performing acrobatics on a table. He has repeatedly admitted that he enjoys extreme sports, and he does not miss the opportunity for his colleagues to take an interest in that type of entertainment, taking them with him to training.

Hobbies with wool and needles

One of the most successful actresses in Hollywood, known for her fantastic roles and the awards she won, Meryl Streep, admits that she likes to knit. She finds this hobby relaxing and often says in interviews that a special peace in life brings her the time she spends playing with wool and needles. Apart from her, there are many other celebrities who have admitted that this hobby is not foreign to them, and among the most popular is the famous actor Ryan Gosling.

It should be borne in mind that successful people in the world have long discovered that the key to success is to have a hobby that will both diversify and relax you. To see how many interesting hobbies there are and to what extent they have a positive effect on a person – try some that have made celebrities what they are today.

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