How to Prepare a Sunday Lunch that will Delight Everyone

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Sunday lunch should be more solemn and extensive because Sunday is the day when the family usually gathers in full. Due to the faster pace of life, we do not manage to spend time with relatives and friends, so sporadic sightings are reduced only to celebrations or birthdays.

The Sunday lunch table usually contains everything like any other, slightly more festive table, which serves several types of appetizers, soups that accompany the main course and, of course, the inevitable dessert. Preparing a varied table for a Sunday lunch very often requires a certain amount of time and a large number of dishes, but with a multi-purpose baking dish with a lid, every preparation is a real pleasure.

It is always best to prepare the type of food that you are sure everyone likes, with a little extra experimentation and adaptation. In the following text, we have prepared your ideas for the weekly menu and dishes that will delight everyone with whom you will spend the weekend.

A traditional appetizer to everyone’s taste

The appetizer itself should be light and simple. It would be ideal to prepare a salad or specialty that includes eggs, dried meat products, or salty rolls that everyone likes to eat.

Stuffed eggs are very easy to prepare, do not take much time, and are undoubtedly very decorative and everyone likes them. From the boiled eggs, it is necessary to remove the yolk, mash it and mix it with ingredients such as sour cream, mustard, cream cheese, mayonnaise, and spices to taste. Pour the resulting mixture back into the egg halves and serve.

In addition to being very decorative, stuffed eggs are also very tasty. What is an unavoidable part of every festive menu is the savory cake. It is rich, very nice in taste, rich, and does not require too many ingredients, nor time. Every housewife is looking for healthy, tasty, and quickly prepared dishes such as savory cake.

With a pink crust, each savory cake is made very quickly and easily. Depending on what your family likes, choose the ingredients accordingly. Cheese, sour cream, or mayonnaise are the part of the ingredients that are more liquid, while ham, ajvar, eggs, pickles are harder ingredients.

Divide the liquid ingredients into equal parts and add some of the harder ingredients to each. Smear the cover as desired, so that it looks colorful and decorative. In order for the filling to set nicely, it is best to prepare the savory cake the day before serving it on Sunday

The main course as the star of Sunday lunch

As the Sunday lunch is in most cases more festive compared to the daily lunch, be sure to include some soup or soup of your choice in the main course. Depending on what your family members like the most, you can opt for meat or fish for the main course.

Certain meat in the sauce, if desired, is not difficult to prepare and does not require too much time, which is especially important for housewives who prepare Sunday lunch. Namely, chicken is a safe choice because most people love it, so you can’t go wrong with the choice of that type of meat.

If you do decide on fish, together with family members, choose the one that everyone loves, and prepare it in combination with potato salad. In addition to each main dish, prepare a salad. The vegetables in the soy sauce are also very tasty and give a special flavor in combination with each main dish.

Homemade bread

Once upon a time, the main course could not pass without home-made warm, tasty and fragrant bread. Although today’s housewives often do not have time to make fresh bread, this is a beautiful part of the tradition that would be nice to revive.

You can form a soft dough in the shape of a cake or something else of your choice. Many mothers make bread in interesting shapes such as flowers or braids for their little ones.

Remember that margarine is a great ally for coating and preparing popular bread. Homemade and warm bread is also a favorite for little ones, and in combination with cream and cheese, the bread will caress the palate with its incredible taste along with Sunday lunch.

Dessert – a favorite part of every lunch

No lunch can pass without dessert, so the same is the case with the Sunday meal. A great option is to make some chocolate cake or cake and fruit salad so that everyone can find a dessert to their liking.

Finely chopped seasonal fruit in combination with whipped cream, many like to eat, while chocolate desserts are a favorite treat for children. Depending on how much time you have, prepare a cake that you already have experience with and that you have made before, to make sure that you will succeed.

It would be ideal to prepare dessert a day in advance, so that it would be nicely cooked and so that you would have more time on Sunday for all other obligations, but also for socializing and relaxing in a family atmosphere.

When it comes to the weekly menu, you can let your imagination run wild, but keep in mind that in addition to experimenting, you always have an ace up your sleeve and a dish you have prepared before, so you know that family and guests love it and it will turn out well. . Let your week be reserved for nice moments spent with your family and of course delicious snacks! is an affiliate. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
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