Summer on the Island – Advantages and Disadvantages

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With the summer season around the corner, the offer of travel agencies is becoming one of the main topics of every conversation. Answers to the questions of where to spend the summer, how many days, by which means of transport, as well as considerations of the price-quality ratio, as well as, most importantly, destinations, are just some of the factors that influence the final decision of tourists.

Whether it is a land part that goes to the sea or an island that is surrounded on all sides by water, the decision largely depends on what someone prefers. If you are one of those who adore the islands or you need a comparative list that contains the advantages and disadvantages of holidays on the island, read the rest of this text.

Advantages of vacationing on an island

One of the very popular holiday destinations, especially as an option for party travel, is certainly the Greek island of Zakynthos. Those who want to travel there immediately inquire about transportation to Zakynthos and ways to get to the island itself. One of the advantages of vacationing on the island is the combined transport good for sightseeing and getting to know the environment.

For example, arriving by ferry to the island offers the opportunity of unique pleasure and unconventional arrival at the destination of your vacation. Another option is definitely a plane, but it does not differ too much from other holiday destinations that are not on the island.

A unique experience of the island community

One of the main reasons why people choose to spend their summers on the island is because they want to experience an authentic island atmosphere that is very different from continental resorts.

Some of the most interesting destinations are the islands in the Mediterranean. Beautiful nature, water as a border on all sides and the escapist instinct that awakens in everyone, make the island a unique experience for all visitors.

A special pleasure in the sea world and breathtaking diving

Staying on the island often cannot pass without diving and getting to know the sea world. Due to the great depth that is usually located right next to the coast of the island, as well as the wildlife that is more lush here than in the peninsula or bay, a special pleasure to spend the summer on the island is the adventurous spirit of tourists.

Egoic island destinations are the right decision for anyone who wants an active vacation and return to the natural environment.

The anti-stress provided by the freedom of the island

Another reason why summer vacation on the island is a good idea is of a spiritual nature. If there is no land around you, but only a water surface, the body relaxes faster and gets used to the natural environment. The anti-stress provided by the freedom of the island is important for every modern man who suffers from anxiety and the accelerated pace of life.

Disadvantages of vacationing on the island

We have already mentioned that transportation to the island is one of the most important items that decides on a trip to such destinations.

Although ferry travel can be an advantage for the reasons we have already mentioned, this type of transport can be an additional difficulty for someone who has spent the previous part of the trip on the bus. Both because of the luggage and because of the potential shock to the body.

While vacationing on the island is a treat for all the senses, vacationing on the island can be a problem if you want to tour the surrounding towns and areas that are not on the island.

The feeling of isolation that it creates for visitors refers to the reduced ability to move in relation to, e.g. summer vacations on the mainland areas of the peninsula or bay.

Distance to island destinations

One of the disadvantages of vacationing on the island is that they are usually very far away, so it takes a long time to get to the desired destination.

We have already mentioned that combined transport can be a problem for passengers, and there is also fatigue due to the distance of island destinations.

Lack of healthy drinking water

Due to the feeling of isolation that the island provides, but also due to the geographical predispositions, one of the disadvantages of summer vacations is that it is generally forbidden to use water from the drinking fountain on these trips.

Although the summer vacation usually lasts about ten days, so during that time the purchase of drinking water is an option, the quality of water on the island is not like the one in the mainland coast. is an affiliate. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
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