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Desktop computer

A standard desktop computer consists of a case, monitor, keyboard, and mouse.

All-in-One computer

An all-in-One is a desktop computer that does not have a case, but all components are housed within a monitor. The keyboard and mouse that come with it are mostly wireless, and some All-in-One computer manufacturers also practice installing touch screens.

Laptop computer

A laptop computer is a small, portable computer. One part of the laptop takes up the screen, while the other part has a built-in keyboard under which the computer components and battery are located. Next to the keyboard is a touchpad device that replaces the mouse.

Although many believe that laptop and notebook are the same terms, there is still a difference. Laptops have a screen diagonal of 15.6 ” or 17 ”, a DVD player and its performance can replace a desktop computer. Notebooks are more compact and lighter than laptops, they are smaller in size, have a screen diagonal of 11 ” and higher, and have weaker hardware.

There are two other subgroups of laptops – netbooks and ultrabooks. The netbook is extremely small with a screen of up to 11 ”. They have minimal hardware that provides the possibility of longer battery life. And, they are intended mainly for searching the Internet, working with e-mail, and the like. Ultrabooks are extremely thin and light computers that can still have powerful hardware.


A smartphone is a device that has the capabilities of a mobile phone, computer, and digital camera.
Most of the surface of the smartphone is occupied by the touch screen.

A smartphone with a screen size of 5.5 ” to 7 ” is called a Phablet.


A tablet is a laptop with a touch screen. Tablets are very similar to smartphones. The two biggest differences between today’s smartphones and tablets are:

  • Device size ie screen size, which ranges from 7 ” on tablets.
  • Tablets generally do not have the ability to accept SIM cards, so most tablets do not have the ability to make phone calls and send text messages.

2 in 1 computers

A 2-in-1 computer (2-in-1) can most easily be described as a laptop computer with a touch screen where we can detach the keyboard from the screen and thus get a tablet.

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