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in this article, I give you my full review of the Samsung Galaxy S20 5G. This is the regular Samsung S20 5G review, not the plus nor the ultra that everyone is talking about. It’s the cheapest new S series flagship phone on the market and if you have any hesitations, I think out of the entire lineup this is the one you should go for.

I genuinely don’t believe that the S20 plus or especially S20 Ultra, for that matter, offers the added extra value that justifies their extra cost. I think, for a vast majority of people, this phone (the standard S20 5G) offers everything and then some when it comes to a flagship Android device.

So, the first thing I do want to write about this phone is the price. On launch day, this one retailed for 999 bucks. The S20 plus (S20+) started at 1199, and the S20 ultra was a ridiculous $1400 which seriously no one should pay that for a phone.

However, at least at the time of writing this, a few retailers started offering discounts that take $200 off the price of a new S20, bringing the total costs down to $799 for the 128 GB model. And, while I’m still gonna review his phone as if it were a thousand-dollar device, I’ll say that for this price of 799 dollars this phone is an absolute must buy.

I thought it was still pretty good even though a thousand bucks surprisingly but knocking off $200 from the price not only makes it easier to swallow but I think overall makes the purchase more focused on value.

I don’t know any other phone that packs as much for $799 in the s20 and I don’t think you should miss out on this deal I don’t know how long it’ll last but I’ll leave all the links to the discounts on Amazon and B&H photo down below in the video description in case you want to jump on it.

So, physically, the S20 is a great looking device. I think over the last couple of years Samsung has pretty much perfected their hardware and that’s evident in the fact that we haven’t seen any major changes in a while. But that’s okay. It’s sort of an ‘if it isn’t broke don’t fix it’ thing.

It’s the same glass sandwich design with polished metal accents that we’ve had for years. And, aside from some color variations and shiny finishes to keep things fresh, what Samsung has here isn’t anything we haven’t seen before. Which is totally fine.

Now, speaking specifically about this S20. This is a phone with a 6.2 inch screen and a body and frame that maximizes that potential.

The screen stretches to nearly every corner. We’re getting about as good as a screen to body ratios you could ask for. And that means that while the screen is big the phone itself feels manageable in a hand it’s very comfortable. I think that’s most apparent when you compare the S20 to something like the iPhone 11, for example, which has a smaller 6.1-inch display just in a noticeably chunkier housing.


How good is the Samsung S20 5G?

The Samsung S20 5G has top hardware specs, as a flagship phone should. It performs better than the previous model (the S10) in all tests.
I think that price-wise, this phone is a better value than the S10 but not worth upgrading to if you already have an S10 or even S9. is an affiliate. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
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