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Preparing and enjoying food is an integral part of our tradition and culture. Serbian national cuisine is rich in a variety of dishes, so Serbian meals are quite nutritious. The most important, as nutritionists say, is breakfast. Those who have tried Serbian bread, proja, popara, kacamak or eggs, agree with this advice, so you should not skip Serbian breakfast.

In order to fully enjoy the table, it is important to choose a pleasant environment in which to eat. Breakfast in Belgrade on the river in the Magaza Gastro bar should be tried, because you can enjoy traditional Serbian dishes in peace, with a view of the water. In the following text, read what these dishes are and why we love them.

Oatmeal for a healthy and delicious breakfast

This dish made of corn flour, apart from Serbia, is also associated with Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria and Macedonia. In our country it is also called polenta, and in Macedonia its name is bakrdan. When it comes to Serbian breakfast, porridge is usually served with cheese, milk or cream. Polenta is a favorite dish in many Serbian cuisines, because it is quick and easy to prepare, and it is delicious and healthy.

To prepare it, you need corn flour, water, lard and salt. A tablespoon of fat is added to the salted water, and after the water boils, cornmeal is slowly added, stirring constantly, until the mixture reaches a density. Therefore, if you want a quick and healthy breakfast , prepare porridge for you and your family.

Bread – food that has been feeding Serbs for centuries

Throughout history, Serbs have been fed bread in all difficult times, mostly in the numerous wars that our ancestors fought. The fact that the obligatory part of the Serbian soldier’s uniform was a bread bag speaks volumes about how popular bread was among the Serbian army . Military bread, or tain as Serbian soldiers called it, was made from a mixture of rye and white flour and could last for days.

Homemade bread

Today, bread throughout Serbia is a food that is an unavoidable part of the traditional Serbian breakfast. Different recipes for homemade bread preparation are used in every part of our country, so depending on which part of Serbia you are in, you should try Belgrade bread, Sumadija bread or, for example, Valjevo loaves.

Homemade proja from the oven

When foreigners visit a Serbian village and look for accommodation, the hosts will almost certainly offer them a drink and something from the oven, which is very often prepared for breakfast in villages all over Serbia. Homemade proja is prepared from ground corn flour, salt and water. It is often on the menu of Serbian families, because it is very nutritious and delicious.

Serbian proja is prepared by mixing corn flour with boiling water and a spoonful of fat, and then the resulting mixture is placed in a greased pan. The mass in the pan should then be leveled with a damp spoon and then baked in the oven at a moderate temperature. If you like Serbian cuisine, be sure to try the homemade projo with cheese or cream as a side dish.

Popara according to the recipe of the ancestors

If you are traveling in Serbia, choose a restaurant where steam is made according to the recipe of our grandmothers and grandfathers and you will surely return to your childhood. This dish is very nutritious and tasty, considering that it contains bread, salted cheese and cream or milk as desired. If you want a tasty and nutritious Serbian breakfast, popara is the perfect choice for a traditional Serbian breakfast.

Old-fashioned popara is prepared by crushing old bread in a cooking pot, which is then poured over with water and put on the fire to cook. During cooking, the bread needs to be stirred constantly, so that it does not burn. After the bread has become a porridge, a little fat, cream or milk is added to the bowl as desired.

Eggs in the Serbian way

Due to its great nutritional value, eggs are present in many dishes of our national cuisine. They are prepared in different ways so you can eat them in combination with other foods. When it comes to traditional Serbian breakfast, the most common specialties with eggs are scrambled eggs and omelets, which go great with a cup of homemade milk or yogurt in the morning.

Omelet and scrambled eggs are a great choice for breakfast, because you can combine other foods with them. In Serbian cuisine, they are usually bacon, paprika or sausage, which will give a special taste to these dishes. Therefore, if you want a rich and healthy meal, rich in protein, choose eggs prepared according to the Serbian traditional recipe.

If you have not prepared breakfast for yourself or your family according to the recipe of our national cuisine, choose one of the listed dishes and you will surely have a delicious, nutritious and healthy breakfast. Also, in addition to these dishes, be sure to serve your family a homemade drink, such as milk and yogurt. is an affiliate. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. is an affiliate. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
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