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According to some available data, about 967 million people worldwide use smartphones. If we know that about 7 billion people live on Earth, we come to the data that there is one smartphone for just over 7 inhabitants of our planet. In line with that, there are even more applications. If, on the other hand, we know that each of us uses at least a few applications, it is clear to you how many applications are involved. The web portal GlobalWebIndex has published a list of the top 10 most used applications. So, these top 10 apps were most commonly used last month globally:

List of Top 10 applications

1) Google Maps

No wonder this app comes first. Its frequency of use has reached an impressive 54%, which means that every other smartphone owner takes advantage of this really great solution. The dominance of this map service is shown by the fact that the closest companion of this application is Nokia’s Ovi Maps, which took 11th place on the list with a 9% frequency of use.

2) Facebook

The application for the most popular social network is used by 44% of people. This is no surprise considering the basic function of Facebook, which is to connect family, friends, and acquaintances wherever they are.

3) YouTube

As it is hard to imagine a single day without YouTube, the application of this service found itself in this place quite unexpectedly. In the past month, 35% of smartphone owners have used this application.

4) Google+

Google’s social network is slowly but surely recording a growth in users, so 30% of users of their application are a hint.

5) Weixin / WeChat

The application for this free service for exchanging text and voice messages has been used by many people in the past 30 days. If we know that this service comes from China and that except in that country it is still used only in Hong Kong and Malaysia, then the figure of 27% of users is for every respect.

6) Twitter

With more than twice fewer users compared to the biggest competitor – Facebook, the Twitter application was used by 22% of users in the past month.

7) Skype

The most popular video calling service recorded a percentage almost identical to the popular “birdie”.

8) Facebook Messenger

The honor of Facebook is defended by another application. Facebook Messenger is in eighth place in this list, thanks to someone other than Facebook, ie a large number of users of this network.

9) WhatsApp

This service for online “ordering”, despite the mass publicity, took only 9th place. It seems that despite numerous advertisements, the service that offers similar services as Weixin / WeChat and Facebook Messenger fails to find its way to the user in the long run.

10) Instagram

The honor of being the last to enter the list of Top 10 applications is the application that Facebook paid a billion dollars for in 2012. The benefits of photo filtering in the mentioned period were used by 11% of smartphone users.

Numerous famous names, such as Vine, Foursquare, Shazam, Flickr, and Yelp, have not found their place in the top 10 applications that people used on these hot summer days.

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