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LG has also removed the last part of the mystery surrounding its new G2 model. The company’s new flagship phone has been officially unveiled. In addition to being able, it will also be characterized by the fact that it comes as the first model without the Optimus label, to which we are already accustomed.

This is another proof that this is a special phone. Accordingly, the manufacturer’s announcement that the LG G2 will be delivered through 130 operators around the world, and the main goal is to hit the iPhone 5, Galaxy S4, HTC One, and Moto X. The honor of being the site of another big premiere was given again in New York, where the new Korean leader shone in full light.

LG G2 design

The LG G2 is acting champion. His body looks like it was spilled and the phone doesn’t have a mask. Its huge 5.2-inch HD display literally extends from one edge to the other. Despite the fact that it has a larger screen than the popular Galaxy S4 model, the LG G2 seems to not tire your hand further when held.

LG has obviously paid a lot of attention to this segment, which is to be commended if we know that big phones have trouble with comfort when used. Despite the bulky screen and powerful components, the LG G2 is incredibly light and thin. Its thickness is only 8mm, and a special curiosity is that the phone can be used with gloves.

The plastic exterior dominates the device, as well as the rounded edges, so in that sense, the phone is a bit like the S4. If that is not a feature of originality, then the position of the keys certainly is. Instead of the classic side positions, the buttons have found their place on the back of the phone.

The volume controllers are located under the camera lens and represent an unusual design solution. We’ll see how practical that is when we get it. However, people who have tried it say that it is not a problem and that one can easily get used to their position, especially when the phone is held with one hand, which is the case in most cases.

LG G2 specification

As for the specification of the LG G2 superphone, it is somewhere on the level of the Galaxy S4. Still, the LG G2 is the first phone to run on a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor, made up of four cores with a Ferrari speed of 2.26GHz. When we add the LTE connection to that, it is clear that this phone can be called the Korean king of speed.

But the rest of the configuration, with 2GB of RAM, with a special part of memory intended to “curb” the tasks of graphics, is a novelty on the market, so we can assume that the LG G2 will be ideal for gaming. . As for the internal memory, customers will have 16 and 32GB to choose from, but unfortunately both without a microSD port. The phone has a 3,000mAh battery, which keeps the LG G2 ready for about a day and a half.

All that results in extremely harmonious work and everything flows like grease.

LG G2 software

Like its best competitors the Moto X, the Galaxy S4, and LG G2 run on 4.2.2 Android, and there’s an interesting interface as well. There are of course a few original options. One of them is Slide Aside, which provides quick access to the three most commonly used applications.

Then there’s Clip Tray which allows you to save a bunch of texts that you can use later. With it, you can easily transfer contact details to a text editor or e-mail. Interestingly, the LG G2 only needs to “tap” the screen twice to wake up.

This option is called KnockON. You need to do the same to lock the screen. This is a very useful option, as the on / off button is on the back.

There are a number of other options, such as the one for automatic ring reduction when you pick up the phone to answer, as well as the one when you turn the LG G2 into a remote control.

LG G2 camera

The 13MP camera comes with a variety of modes and shooting options. It is a dual camera that allows both the front and rear cameras to be activated at the same time. There is also an increasingly inevitable panorama mode. The image quality does not reveal hot water, but it is quite solid. The camera comes with optical stabilization, 8x digital zoom. The auxiliary camera has 2MP.

LG G2 and competition

Despite its great performance, it will not be easy for this phone to find its way to customers. If we keep in mind that the Galaxy S4, HTC One, Motorola’s new Droid series are already waiting for it on the market, it is clear that the competition will be fierce. That should mean maybe some lower prices. The LG G2 has a couple of drawbacks, but given its specification, it is clear that it is the best phone signed by LG.

LG G2 sales and availability

As already mentioned, the LG G2 will be offered by 130 operators worldwide. So, as befits a device like this. The deadline for appearing in the offer is about 8 weeks, ie about two months, which is a relatively understandable deadline, although not the shortest.

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