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In this article, I give you my Samsung Hennessy Review with specs included. At a time when in most cases the new phone is on the market by an unwritten rule with a touch screen, the question arises what to do with those people who do not get used to this technology and who long for good old keys on a good old keyboard. They will probably opt for the classic models with an alphanumeric keyboard, which can only partially compensate for the loss of the former numeric keyboards, which were great for quickly entering numbers, without the inclusion of a dialer.

However, some compromise could soon come to us in the form of Samsung Hennessy, a phone that runs on the Android platform and of course has a touch screen, but also a novelty. Samsung Hennessy is the first phone with two screens! So it’s about, let’s call it, a dual-screen phone.

Samsung Hennessy as a surprise in the market

Now, if someone had told us a year ago that these sliding phones or flip phones would become relevant again, we would not have believed him. But, it seems that Samsung’s kitchen is cooking something other than the Galaxy series that pops out of the fridge. Nevertheless, the financial success that this company is rapidly achieving enables researchers to have this kind of luxury called Samsung Hennessy.

Samsung Hennessy specification

Samsung Hennessy, therefore, has two 3.3-inch screens and runs on a 4.1.2 Jelly Bean version of the Android operating system. Interestingly, under a pair of screens hides a quad-core processor with 1.2GHz frequency and 1GB of RAM. The same amount of GB is left when it comes to internal memory. And while the front camera was left out, it was equipped with 5MP on the back. However, the real disappointment comes from the screen resolution itself, which is stopped at only 320 × 480 pixels, which, in a way, reduces the euphoria that this phone creates.

Samsung Hennessy sale

But, how can such an unusual phone hardly raise dust? Hand on heart, the Samsung Hennessy is not exactly a completely original concept, but rather can be considered the successor to the Samsung SCH-W999, which was also intended for Chinese Telecom, as is the Samsung Hennessy after all. This would mean that Hennessy will most likely be limited to the markets of China and South Korea, but if it goes well there, it is possible that we may see it in other areas as well. is an affiliate. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
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