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In this article, I give you a list of the most popular types of travel in the world that people go on. The need to travel is rooted deep in human nature. From the earliest times, people have lived in a way that meant constant movement in search of food.

With the invention and improvement of agriculture, the necessity of the nomadic way of life ceased. But the need to discover new places has not disappeared, that spark of curiosity in us is waiting to ignite it with new experiences and unforgettable experiences. That is why many types of travel have developed.

Many people would like to travel more than they can afford. But traveling today does not mean taking too long a period of time.

There are so many different types of travel that you can certainly find one that suits your capabilities. None of these types are good or bad, each has its advantages and disadvantages. And you will surely enjoy different trips at different periods of your life. So look at the types of travel we go on most often.

City break – a getaway for the weekend

Do you like to travel, but also like your “9 to 5 job” and don’t want to give up everything to travel around the world for 6 months? Don’t worry, you can still experience new places by taking a short weekend getaway.

Going to a bigger city for a couple of days can seem like a little time to truly experience a place, and it is. But considering the number of cities, you can’t do more to visit as many of them as possible. If you research well and organize yourself nicely, there is a lot you can see and experience.

Look for cheap special flights, take off on Friday night and return on Sunday and use the short time you have. Who knows, maybe Monday won’t seem so hard for you, as long as you remember all the experiences.

Summer package deal

The beauty of the arrangement is that all the work is done for you. Simply choose which beautiful beach you want to beautify with your presence and the travel agent will ensure that everything is arranged, so your most difficult decision is whether to order Pinja Colada or Margarita.

Although this type of travel is not considered true by hardcore adventurers, there is nothing wrong with wanting to spend your hard-earned two weeks of vacation on a sunny beach having fun with friends and family.

This is not one of the types of travel where you will learn a lot about another culture or get to know the locals. This is about spending a week or two of your life in a paradise environment!

Group trip

Group trips are most often related to the fact that buses full of passengers go on the trip, and who go on a trip to visit numerous cities, get to know cultures, but also to have an unforgettable time and relax. Trips for young people are one of the good examples for such types of trips.

However, group tours also apply to 80-year-olds who want to visit historical monuments and other popular sights. Regardless of your interest, from art history, a ghost museum, a cheese factory or going to a traffic light party, there is a group trip just for you.

The advantage of a group tour is that you will be automatically thrown into a mix with many people who share your interests and you will probably make some new friends. However, some people simply cannot bear the thought that all their activities are predetermined for them and they like the freedom of independent travel.

A long journey

A long-term slow journey is when you take a few months or years to leave your mark around the world, staying in each location long enough to really soak up the culture.

Long-term travelers are those people you see with huge ranches, trying to stretch their travel budget as long as possible, stay in hostels or surf couch, and are constantly on the lookout for cheap food and attractions. Compared to short-term travel, long-term travel often becomes a lifestyle choice.

Sometimes these types of travel experiences are funded by savings, or sometimes long-term travel can be funded by road travel.

Visit to relatives and friends

Another of the many types of travel is when you go to visit friends and family who live abroad or in another part of the country. Because you have someone to stay with, you are usually able to afford a slightly longer stay than you could have paid for accommodation. Your friends and family abroad are constantly calling you to come, so why not accept the offer?

The advantage of this is that you will get an insider’s view of culture, which comes with spending time with a local. The only downside is that when you are a guest in someone’s house you will not always have the freedom to explore on your own.

Going to an event

This is when you travel to a destination to attend an event, such as the Rio Olympics, or the World Cup. It can also include attending a music festival or a concert of a favorite band that is on tour.

One of the main benefits to these types of travel is that you will be surrounded by thousands of people who share the same interests as you.

These are just some of the types of travel. If you are sad because you can’t travel as much as you would like, think about these ways of traveling and find the one that suits you best! is an affiliate. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
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