Cities with the Craziest Nightlife in Europe

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Nightlife is very important for young people, students, but also for those who are young and employed, so the weekend is an exhaust valve for stress at work. It is a time we set aside for ourselves and our friends, to enjoy drinks and favorite music.

Going out are moments when we completely relax and meet new people, get closer to our friends and sing popular hits out loud.

For New Year’s Eve, clubs are a frequent choice of young people, because they are guaranteed the craziest pastime, and you don’t have to worry about music, drinks, or accidentally missing midnight, because the club owners took care of every item.

Find out which European cities are marked by the best nightlife, and what position Belgrade occupies on this exclusive list.

1 Thessaloniki – Greece, a major night attraction

Thessaloniki is full of students, young people, which means that the nightlife is phenomenal and always present. In Thessaloniki you can enjoy clubs, but also outdoor parties, concerts and various types of entertainment.

Everyone who has been to Thessaloniki can confirm to you that the nightlife here is amazing , but it is more current when the summer season is in progress. When summer merges with a large group of young people, the hormones start to go crazy and everyone is ready to have fun.

As for the music, it is diverse, because it wants to fulfill the wishes of all the tourists present, who are from various parts, from all parts of Europe. If you are interested in traditional Greek music, you can hear it here. But you can also hear the most popular techno and house hits, as well as the increasingly popular rap.

The sentence that happens in Thessaloniki is valid here, it remains in Thessaloniki.

2 Belgrade – Serbia, the focus of nightlife in the Balkans

Serbia has long been unattractive to foreigners, because they thought that barbarians lived in Serbia and that they could kill you on the street if you went to the store. Fortunately, that time has passed, and Belgrade has become a great attraction among foreign tourists who are thrilled with the nightlife.

Belgrade is the capital of nightlife in the Balkans, so in addition to foreign tourists and locals, residents of the surrounding countries from the former Yugoslavia are also happy to visit it.

A good night out in the Serbian capital is guaranteed, so everyone who has ever come here did not want to leave this perfect city of parties and entertainment.

All world celebrities first praise the nightlife in Belgrade, and make it known that Belgrade is a serious contender in the first place when it comes to nightlife in Europe.

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3 Amsterdam – The Netherlands, the city of sex, alcohol and crazy parties

Anyone who has been to Amsterdam, or at least heard of it, knows that a synonym for Amsterdam is crazy nightlife. Absolutely anything can happen in Amsterdam, so those who travel there should be ready for it, and know where they are headed.

Parties in Amsterdam last until everyone falls asleep from fatigue, or opiates. Amsterdam seems to be the best place for English tourists who are known for not knowing when a party is over when they go to another city, and their behavior is always the craziest.

There are no restrictions on behavior in Amsterdam, everything is allowed and you can try everything, so if ordinary outings have become boring for you, then this is the right place for you.

4 Marbella – Spain, nightlife for the rich

The nightlife in this city is phenomenal, but you should have a lot, a lot and a lot of money. If that is the case, then you must not bypass this destination, however, if that is very likely not the case then you can look at pictures and footage from this city.

However, we recommend that you do not watch anything, that you do not hit yourself with longing, but that you head to one of the previously mentioned cities and enjoy the nightlife for an affordable price.

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Marbella is known for rich people who make amazing parties on their yachts, but even without a yacht, a night out can be phenomenal, crazy and unforgettable. is an affiliate. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
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