How to Choose the Ideal Carpet – Tips and Tricks

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How do you know which details to pay the most attention to when decorating your home? How to choose a carpet, which should connect all these details as a whole? The first piece of advice from a designer in choosing the perfect rug for your home is to start from the room where it should be located. The design of the carpet can later be a guideline for the color of the walls, decorative pillows, and paintings with which you will complete the decoration.

Large brown carpet

When choosing a carpet, do not forget that the care required for its maintenance will depend on its material, color, and size. When it comes time to choose a reliable carpet service, Belgrade is the place where you can find the most diverse offer of bars that can breathe new shine into your carpets, either with deep washes or painting services.

To make the choice of carpet one of the easiest endeavors in decorating your home, we have tried to single out a few ultimate tips that will help you choose all the elements of the room in a perfectly comfortable home atmosphere by choosing the best one.

Carpets for different rooms are different

Carpet is an easy way to refresh or transform the whole look of the room, so the basic rule when choosing a carpet is to be guided by the purpose of the room because, despite numerous warnings from interior designers, people often make mistakes.

A simple bedroom rug

A good rug in the bedroom can have the same calming effect as some fragrances for relaxation in aromatherapy. It is, most often, a room where we go to rest and recharge our batteries for the next day, so it is advisable to avoid bright colors, patterns, and synthetic materials for its decoration.

By choosing a natural, woolen rug for your bedroom, you will make your feet start the day by leaning on a soft, comfortable surface. Stick to simple colors. So that the room does not look monotonous, pastel shades are a great choice for an unobtrusive look, and they will make your room modern and pleasing to the eye. The layout can be such that the bed is primarily on the carpet or to get off the bed to stand on the carpet.

Freedom of choice for living room decoration

As opposed to looking for calm and relaxing tones on the bedroom rug – the living room suffers from all your desires in decorating. In the living room, you can liberate your personality and create a small creative oasis of peace for you and your family. According to a similar principle, we decorate the premises of the workplace, where we need to combine creative decoration and functional space.

Good sweeps of space that need to cover the carpet. Ideally, all the furniture should rest on it, in order to create the illusion of harmonious connection of the furniture in the room. You are not limited in the choice of patterns, colors, or materials, but take care that the carpet is not the dominant detail, but match it with the color of the curtains, details from the pictures, or decorative pillows.

The shapes of the carpets usually adapt to the shape of the room, and go directly to the wall; never from wall to wall or to “float” in the middle, unrelated to the furniture. If you have a round table, it is a good decision to pair it with a carpet in the same shape. Square rugs go well with more classic pieces of furniture.

Similar rugs for hallway and kitchen

Carpets for hallways and kitchens are almost always closely related to the carpet in the living room, but they should by no means look identical. Depending on the surface on which it will go – choose the material. If the carpet needs to cover the tile base – reach for slightly firmer materials made of synthetics that will not slip. Such carpets will be incomparably easier to wash than those made of natural fibers.

Stability and hygiene are essential in a bathroom rug

The carpet in the bathroom should be equally strong and durable due to the tile base. The material is not overly important as long as it absorbs water well and is stable. The most practical choice is carpets made of nylon because they are resistant to moisture and do not create mold. Try to avoid sea motifs, or at least pair them with the color of the tiles or some detail from the bathroom ceramics.

The proper type of substrate and regular maintenance means long-lasting carpet. If you are undecided about the material and color, visit one of the furniture salons where you can get carpet samples that you like, and check compliance with the rest of the home. By measuring the space in advance, you will avoid possible cuts in the material, which will surely damage your new carpet. is an affiliate. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
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