Staying in Trend at the Time of Pandemic

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The global pandemic has changed the lives of all of us. At the time of the corona, we mentioned the way we communicate and interact with people, the way we move – but also the way we dress. Shopping malls, soft fashion industries, were temporarily closed in many parts of the world, so purchases were reduced, focused only on the most necessary pieces and switched to online sales.

On the other hand, social isolation and less social interaction, as well as the reduction in the number of outings from home in general, have reduced the motivation of even the biggest fashion enthusiasts to dress up every day, and led them to spend their days in pajamas.

No matter how all this had its comfortable side, clothing style is a part of our personal and business identity. With the situation normalizing and returning to work and social interactions, it is high time to dive into our closets and return to our usual clothes, which we will enrich with some necessary and trendy details that are important for our health safety.

At the time of the crown, those pieces that are important for the protection of our health, such as masks and gloves, experienced a renaissance. We discover how you can stay on trend even during a global pandemic.

Work from home and style

When we work from home, the motivation for tidying up is at a low level and the usual fashion habits are forgotten. The epidemic of the Kovid 19 virus has led many companies to decide to do all business activities from home, and this has led many to finally relax and spend their working hours in unburdening sportswear, or pajamas.

As much as we can view this as one of the benefits of working from home, a day spent in pajamas also implies a lack of activity, mental passivation, and potentially depressed moods. Also, loose clothing makes it easier for us to relax when it comes to the amount of food intake, which gives us extra pounds in self-isolation, so we won’t be able to get into our favorite pants later until we find a creative way to lose weight.

Because of all this, it is important to cultivate a personal style even when our outings are minimal. This can be achieved by keeping a routine of getting ready for work at a time when we would do it anyway. Choosing comfortable clothes does not have to be in line with good fashion choices, and comfortable clothes can be beautiful and trendy.

Business meetings that we do in this situation through applications such as Zuma and Skype require access to clothes that we would have in the workplace, and if you want to leave a good impression on your colleagues and associates, do not do it in a torn T-shirt, but opt ​​for a more elegant piece. clothes.

Business attire

While some were forced to go to work during the period of intensive self-isolation and quarantine, while others had the privilege of working from home, the normalization of the situation for most means returning to work. In all these cases, the rules of business attire and the need to dress nicely and trendy were present all the time.

The fact that health is an absolute imperative and that protective masks, and in some situations gloves, are necessary accessories for the spring-summer season this year could be found in this way. However, that is by no means a reason not to look beautiful.

Recognizing this need, some great brands have created protective face masks in a variety of colors and prints so that the masks we wear are compatible with our style. Choosing the right mask becomes a fashion trump card that is at our fingertips.

How to combine a mask with an outfit?

If we choose a colorful outfit in many colors or with too pronounced prints, we should go for minimalism when choosing a mask. On the other hand, if we dress minimalistically, the mask can be an accessory that contributes to our style and draws attention to us. There are beautiful masks on the market in different colors and designs, and some manufacturers even give us the possibility to personalize the masks.

Health care does not necessarily mean saying goodbye to our personal style – on the contrary. Every fan of fashion knows how to emphasize their authenticity in the right way, even in the extraordinary circumstances that have followed us in previous months, and which, we hope, will soon remain behind us. And when everything returns to normal, get ready to go out and organize an unforgettable socializing. is an affiliate. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
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