The Biggest Construction Projects in Europe

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Major changes in the world depend on many factors, and one of them refers to the construction of construction projects that will make a key contribution to the development of science and the preservation of the planet.

Various European companies such as MR Industrial company from Great Britain , Balfour Beatty, Strabag from Germany, Eiffage from France, have recognized the importance of quality construction facilities that they can have for Europe and the whole world.

Read which are some of the most significant and well-known construction projects in Europe and why they are of key importance to humanity.

1 Crossrail – Europe’s largest project

Crossrail is the largest European construction project related to the 117-kilometer-long railway , above and below the ground in tunnels, which connects London with other cities in Great Britain. It is known as the ” Elizabeth line “.

The construction of this railway began in 2009, and in May 2015 it was opened to the public. The official owners of this project, which has cost an incredible 17 billion dollars so far, are Transport for London, Network Rail and Heathrow Airport holdings.

It is estimated that this railway is used by more than 200 million passengers a year.

2 Sognefjord underwater tunnel – a practical solution for travelers

The Sognefjord is an underwater tunnel in Norway and was created as a practical solution for the need to significantly shorten the travel time from one bank of the Sognefjord to the other, the longest and deepest fjord in the country.

The Biggest Construction Projects in Europe 1
Sognefjord Tunnel

It consists of the construction of two tunnels in concrete tubes that are placed below the water surface, about 30 meters and 250 meters away, in order to provide space for the safe passage of ships above them and between the pontoons.

This construction is resistant to extreme weather conditions , since it is under water. The concrete is strong enough to withstand earthquakes, potential collisions and tanker accidents. Also, with the construction of this underwater tunnel, the natural beauty of the Sognefjord has been preserved , the sight of which takes many’s breath away.

3 Heathrow – the most visited airport in Europe

Heathrow Airport is located 23 kilometers west of London and is the most visited airport in Europe. It has two parallel runways and four terminals in an area of ​​12.47 square miles where planes take off or land every 45 seconds.

Back in 1929, Heathrow was a small airport on land that then consisted of markets, farms and orchards. There was only one terminal, and in the years that followed Heathrow London Airport grew to enormous proportions and became one of the most popular and most visited buildings in the world.

The airport is owned by Heathrow Airport Holding, is the operational base of Virgin British Airlines and is the hub of British Airways. In 2019, it reached a attendance record with 80.8 million passengers.

Metal construction for building construction

4 Brenner base tunnel – an important European route

The Brenner base tunnel is a 55-kilometer-long railway tunnel and is one of the most important routes in Europe. The base is located in the Eastern Alps , and runs through Innsbruck in Austria to Fortezza in Italy.

The Biggest Construction Projects in Europe 2
Brenner Base Tunnel

It is part of the trans-European transport network that connects to line 1 from Berlin to Palermo. Thanks to this construction project, transport between the northern and southern parts of the continent has been facilitated for many passengers .

Also, with this tunnel, the traffic on the Brenner Pass is much less relieved, which is why traffic jams and traffic accidents are much less frequent.

5 Gotthard Base Tunnel – the longest and deepest tunnel in the world

Another tunnel that is very important is the Gotthard Base tunnel. It is the longest tunnel in the world, with an incredible 57.9 kilometers in length. It is located in the Alps and passes through Switzerland, connecting the cantons of Uri and Ticino.

It opened in 2016 and consists of two tunnels with one lane each and is part of the New Railway connection. This tunnel has achieved a higher transport capacity through the Alps , especially for trucks, on the route Rotterdam – Basel – Genoa.

6 Hinkley Point C – Somerset Nuclear Power Plant

Hinkley Point C is a new nuclear power plant located in Somerset that produces enough energy for more than 6 million homes in the UK. This is approximately 7% of electricity consumption at the national level.

It is projected to generate energy for at least another 60 years in the future, which is of immense importance to this country. The total cost of building this construction project was between 21 and 22, 5 billion pounds.

Construction projects affect the environment
Construction projects also have an impact on the environment . According to some research, large buildings can affect up to 50% of climate change and 40% of global energy consumption.

That is why many companies look back on the fact that, in addition to great utility, their projects are also in line with environmental protection, which is a very big and important thing on a global level . is an affiliate. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
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