10 Best Rated Restaurants in Belgrade (List)

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Whether you live in Belgrade, or you like to visit it, you have had the opportunity to notice a large number of catering facilities, ie cafes, and restaurants in which more space is often sought. If you are wondering how to make a choice and go for a family lunch, business lunch, or a romantic dinner, we will present you with the best-rated restaurants in the city.

1 Resotran Magaza – hedonism at the highest level

The Magazine Restaurant in Belgrade was rated the best on the popular TripAdvisor, which tourists most often use to inquire about the offer at destinations around the world. The store is located on the banks of the Sava, in a popular location – Beton Hali.

The restaurant has a great view of the river and the promenade, and the ambiance is extremely pleasant and quiet. On their menu, you will find modern specialties of international cuisine, but also traditional cuisine. Great food is complemented by a large selection of drinks.

Contact phone: 064 571 11 11

Address: Karadjordjeva 2-4, Beton hall

2 Restaurant Legat 1903 – style, taste, and sophistication

Restaurant Legat 1903 boasts one of the most beautiful interiors in Belgrade, as well as an extremely high-quality rating. This refined restaurant serves international cuisine, including Italian, French, and Mediterranean specialties, such as unique seafood.

Contact phone: tel: +381 63 1903003

Address: Jasenička 7

3 Restaurant Donji Grad – a delicious meal in the heart of Belgrade

Not far from Kalemegdan, in a quiet part of Dorcol, there is a restaurant Donji Grad, which does not leave indifferent any visitors, as evidenced by the great reviews that this restaurant has.

The restaurant is known for specialties under the sac, such as veal, lamb, grilled kid, and unique smoked pork under the sac, which is an authentic specialty of this restaurant. In addition to the dishes under the sac, there are also grilled specialties, which you can pour a great selection of wines. A real experience for all gourmets.

Contact phone: +381 11 292 82 30

Address: Visokog Stevana 54

4 Resotran Franch – a quality that lasts

One of the most elegant restaurants in the capital, Franche maintains its reputation from year to year. Franch is a restaurant for special occasions or those where you want to feel that way. Here you will be greeted by an exceptional offer of food and drinks, with a beautiful ambiance that is especially adorned by the unique garden that this restaurant has.

Contact phone: 065 26 41 944

Address: Bulevar oslobođenja 18a

Belgrade Fortress Kalemegdan

5 Restaurant Zavičaj – traditional ambiance and the finest food

Fans of tradition will enjoy the restaurant Zavičaj, whose name itself makes your heartbeat. This restaurant serves great traditional cuisine with a quality selection of international dishes. People come back to him both because of the good food and because of the wonderful ambiance and warm atmosphere.

Contact phone: +381 63 369670

Address: Gavrila Principa 77

6 Casa Nova restaurant – a touch of Italy in the Serbian capital

If you are a fan of Italian and Mediterranean cuisine, a great solution for going for lunch can be the restaurant, Casa Nova. Visitors praise the great ambiance, but also even better specialties that will be served to you in this Italian corner in the very center of the city. We believe that you will join the positive reactions when you visit this place.

Contact phone: +381 11 3036868

Address: Gospodar Jovanova 42a

7 Toro Latin Gastrobar – for lovers of Latin American cuisine

Another great restaurant within the Concrete Hall is the Toro Latin Gastrobar, which serves Latin American, Mediterranean, and Spanish cuisine, and the ambiance itself perfectly suits the type of cuisine. If you want to enjoy Mexican specialties and feel a part of Latin America in the center of Belgrade, head to this restaurant.

Contact phone: +381 11 3034342

Address: 2-4 Karadjordjeva Street

8 SkyLounge Belgrade – the best sushi in town

SkyLounge is a restaurant of Asian cuisine, where you can try a unique fusion of flavors of Japanese and Thai dishes, as well as unique sushi that makes many fans of this Japanese dish often return to this restaurant. The beautiful ambiance and fusion of great flavors, in which seafood predominates, will surely not leave you indifferent.

Contact phone: +381 11 7555759

Address: Kralja Milana 35 Hilton

9 Restaurant Ambar – modern ambiance and great cuisine

Restaurant Ambar is third on our list, which is located within the Beton Hale complex, and another great restaurant where you can enjoy along the Sava, in the best specialties of modern and local cuisine . Numerous satisfied visitors will confirm the recommendation for this restaurant.

Contact phone: +381 11 3286637

Address: Karadjordjeva 2-4

10 Voulez-Vous Cafe Restaurant – urban lunch in Vracar

Voulez-Vous is one of the most popular places in the city where you can come for afternoon coffee but also stay for a great dinner. This catering facility offers its visitors various gourmet specialties, both domestic and international. You will enjoy this wonderful ambiance in Vracar.

Contact phone: +381 11 2440777

Address: Đorđa Vajferta 52

We believe that you have had the opportunity to visit some of these restaurants, and if you are not our warm recommendation is not to take our word for it, but to go and see for yourself the quality!

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