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Sony Xperia C is a model that has recently been in our offer, and it is characterized by a generous 5-inch screen with the option of using two SIM cards, or a combination of a large screen and the comfort offered by dual SIM phones. Interestingly, the Sony Xperia C got its name from the word China, ie the phone is primarily intended for the Chinese market, but after the success, it achieved in East Asia, it “expanded” to the rest of the world.

Sony Xperia C screen and design

The screen, along with the dual SIM option, is the dominant feature of this phone. With its 5 inches, the Xperia C brings a lot more options to its users, primarily in 3G surfing the net, but also in the ability to watch videos and photos much more comfortably.

The resolution of 540 × 960 pixels is not top notch, but that is not something that a phone like this should strive for.

Thanks to the larger diagonal screen, the phone itself got larger dimensions (141.5 x 74.2 x 8.9 mm), so it is a bit reminiscent of the premium model Xperia Z. However, the difference is felt as soon as you pick up the phone. And while the Xperia Z is a high-end phone with a glossy sheen, the Xperia C is a classic plastic phone, which should not be associated with anything bad, but only imply the reason why this model is cheaper than the previous one. The plastic is a bit soft and that is most noticeable on the back. Also, foreign phones are covered with plastic, so maybe that’s the reason why Sony intended this model primarily for the Chinese market, which is in constant expansion, but still in development.

Still, that doesn’t mean the Xperia C has a cost-saving design. On the contrary, the phone looks very nice, but you can’t expect the best possible materials on a phone that is not cheap, but which certainly costs almost twice less than the best at the moment.

The Xperia C is produced in several colors (white, black, and purple) and each of these versions look very attractive. Also, the phone fits nicely in the hand and it seems that 5 inches are not too much for a slightly larger handful of users.

Sony Xperia C specification and performance

Below the attractive surface, more precisely under the cover, there are two SIM slots, but also a micro SD slot. This solution is good considering that some manufacturers (such as Alcatel) often decide to place the slots outside or on the side for easy SIM card replacement, which often sacrifices space for a micro SD card. This is very important here because the Xperia C has only 4GB of internal memory, of which when you reject the occupied space for the system there is almost nothing left, and therefore the memory card is something that must be purchased. The 2390mAh battery cannot be changed on this phone, which may be another sacrifice that the Xperia C had to endure.

The quad-core MediaTek processor has taken over the driving role here and has an operating speed of 1.2GHz. Given that MediaTek processors are not equal to those that come with the Qualcomm label and that 1.2GHz is no longer the speed at which it spins in the head, it is clear that the Xperia C is not a high-speed phone. However, if you do not want to get the most out of this phone, you will be satisfied with it, because the device performs all basic operations without downtime. On the other hand, thanks to the weaker processor (which is quad-core), you can thank this phone for costing so much.

When it comes to the dual SIM option, one place is provided for the card that you will use to access 3G internet, while the other is of 2G character, ie intended for conversations.

Sony Xperia C camera

The phone has two cameras. The first and basic have 8MP and come with two very useful options: LED flash and optical image stabilization, which means it is enough for most users. The photos are of quite good quality, and the video is recorded in full HD format. It is also commendable that the camera has a number of useful modes. The camera on the front is a worse part of the multimedia story of this phone because it has VGA resolution, but it can be used during video calls, although we think that Sony could have put a better lens, at least for a shade.

Sony Xperia C Conclusion

When we add and subtract everything, the Xperia C is a phone that brings a few mixed feelings. On the one hand, the Xperia C offers a very good design and decent surface quality, as well as a nice feel in the hands. The device is priced as mid-range, although in some segments the Xperia C exceeds that. However, with phones like this compromises are necessary and the Xperia C has not remained immune to them. Overall, the Xperia C justifies the asking price and offers options and performance that will surely satisfy most users. is an affiliate. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
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