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The Samsung Galaxy Trend Lite came along with the Galaxy Fame Lite as a weakened version of the Galaxy Trend, or Galaxy Fame. And when we say weakened, it immediately becomes clear that this is a phone that has some options and features “taken away” in order to lower its price to a lower level and thus attract as wide a circle of potential customers. And while the basic Galaxy Trend model also comes with a two-SIM version, the Galaxy Trend only has one SIM card slot.

Samsung Galaxy Trend Lite design and screen

You can hardly expect any spectacular design from the Light version of one phone. If you want such a phone, then it’s time to spend more money and look at the rest of Samsung’s offer, because the Galaxy Trend Lite certainly doesn’t have it.

This cute phone of modest dimensions (121.5 x 63.1 x 10.85 mm) looks like the Samsung models from the beginnings of the smartphone era. This phone is hardly different from other similar models that the South Korean company has in its offer. The body made of plastic weighs a decent 126 grams.

As the phone has a screen of “only” 4 inches, it is nice and easy to hold and use. The mentioned screen has a relatively decent resolution of 480 × 800 pixels, considering that it is a low-priced phone.

Samsung Galaxy Trend Lite specification

In terms of performance, Trend Lite is a fan of calm waters. Its 1GHz processor is far more expensive than the current beasts of far more expensive turtle rights models, but in practice, things are a little different. This phone is not intended for complicated applications and getting the most out of what Android provides. Therefore, this processor in combination with 512MB gives pleasant results (especially if you do not have high expectations from your phone). The Samsung Galaxy Trend Lite performs all operations at an acceptable speed and can be said to be a grateful phone in that regard.

When it comes to memory, 4GB is not bad at all for this little one, because even some twice as expensive models have the same amount of space. Of course, there is also a microSD expansion up to a maximum of 32GB.

This is one of the few phones that has appeared recently that does not have a front camera. He doesn’t need it and the Samsung Galaxy Trend Lite is completely satisfied with the one located on the back, which has 3MP.

From the connections, the Samsung Galaxy Trend Lite is pretty well equipped, so there are 3G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, micro USB, GPS.

The situation is similar with software. There is a 4.0 version of the Android operating system (so, it is always an outdated version). However, this will not bother you if you just want to use some basic (such as the vast majority) Android applications and other benefits that a smartphone provides.

Samsung Galaxy Trend Lite Conclusion

Samsung Galaxy Trend Lite 7This cute phone is definitely worth a hundred and a fraction of a euro, as much as its price. We draw this conclusion based on the fact that it offers a screen of decent size and resolution, expandable memory, all the necessary connections, and a battery that allows about 8 hours of talk time. It would be frivolous to look for some more serious objections to a low-cost phone, but if we had to do that then it might be a camera. If by any chance it has 5MP, things would be ideal, but even like this, the Samsung Galaxy Trend Lite looks quite good. is an affiliate. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. is an affiliate. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
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