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Sony XB32

In this article, I give you my quick review of the Sony SRS-XB32 wireless speaker with specs included. This device has a very practical design for many use cases. Below are photos of the device from different angles.

Basic use cases

If you are young in spirit and unrestrained in your enjoyment, you love parties and the joy of life embodied in a vivid light – this is the speaker for you.

Take it anywhere with you, even on the beach because it is water-resistant. He doesn’t even mind the sand.

If you are a camper, you will enjoy the campfire in the dark of night and the sounds of your favorite music, intoxicated by the beautiful light emitted by your Sony XB32 speaker.

It sounds like a romantic, but believe me, it looks like that in person…


This portable Sony portable speaker has compact dimensions of 22 x 10 x 10 cm and you can really take it anywhere and anytime.

It weighs only 907 grams and easily fits in a bag or backpack.

He is a true companion on the road to adventure.


The built-in battery allows 24 hours of operation in standard mode when it emits only sound, and when RGB light and extra bass mode are on, the autonomy is 14 hours.

This speaker has a USB port that you can turn into an external battery to charge your mobile devices in no time.

The speaker also has one stereo mini-jack input, USB-A, and a micro USB connector.

Rear connectors
Rear connectors

You can adjust the sound between ‘live’ and ‘extra bass’ mode, which really helps to adjust the sound when listening to music outdoors.

The durable plastic case has two speakers that emit sound in the full frequency range, and two passive radiators are additionally installed for better bass effects.

Light effects

A special detail is certainly the colorful light LED strip whose RGB effects you can adjust with the help of the accompanying application – the right thing for parties.

Lights side
Lights side

At the front, there are also two ‘strobe’ lights that work in the rhythm of the music.

Strobe lights
Strobe lights

And that’s not all, because you can use it as a mini instrument with the Party Booster, and so add a section with drums, a bell, and a few more sounds.


You can connect even more of these speakers via a Bluetooth wireless connection and synchronize their operation, giving the party the dynamics of light effects and a more powerful sound.

You can fully control the operation of the speakers, music, and light playback remotely, using a mobile phone via accompanying applications.

Connected on phone
Connected on phone

You can choose from several color variants in which this speaker model is made: black, green, blue, gray, and red.

Color variants
Color variants


If you have a beach or pool party in mind, and you want a sleek and fun speaker, the SRS-XB32 is the right thing for you.
Put it in your pocket, take it where your company is and the fun can begin.

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