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Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite

This is my quick review of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite with specs included. The Lite version means it’s a lot more affordable but it’s still pretty similar. In a world where we don’t see many Android tablets anymore, it’s a little bit exciting and we’re gonna look at it in this article.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite is a 10,4-inch tab with a screen resolution of 2000 by 1200 which makes for a kind of oddball aspect ratio 1,67 to 1. In practical use it’s fine.

It’s a TFT or IPS display here not OLED. I just have to say that because Samsung is kind of synonymous with OLED for a lot of folks. But, in this price range which I call value-range, you don’t get OLED so it’s fair.

You also get 64 gigs of storage. The tablet has a micro SD card slot so you don’t have to feel compelled to buy more storage as you do with an iPad. If you want some more storage you can go up to 128 gigs and that is more expensive.

Display10,4″ 1200 x 2000 TFT
PenS Pen Included
CPUSamsung Exynos 9611 Processor [4x 2.3 GHz + 4x 1.7 GHz]
Memory4 GB RAM
Storage64/128 GB
ConnectorsmicroSD, USB-C, 3.5 mm audio
WirelessDual-band Wi-Fi 5 + Bluetooth 5, Wi-Fi Direct
NavigationGPS+ GLONASS
SpeakersStereo AKG with Dolby Atmos
Cameras5 MP front, 8 MP rear with 4K video recording
Battery7040 mAh

The prices are around that of the 2019 iPad that’s competing with. And like the iPad it supports pen input. In fact, again S-pen is in the box, And, it’s not one of those teeny toothpicks that fit in the silo. This means you do have to keep track of yourself but it also means you’re not gonna get a hand cramp from using something so ultra-tiny.

It’s still Wacom EMR technology just as S-pens have been forever. Same as with the Note, the Pens are interchangeable. I like that, it’s an excellent technology.

Certainly, every bit as good as the Apple pencil, and as I wrote in my tablets for artist reviews about all the pen-based tech, this is one of the best pen technologies out there.

Besides the 4096 pressure levels, it also supports tilt to make it feel more natural. It’s a glossy screen so you’ll have a little bit of skating but the NIMH is somewhat grippy.

There is a button on the pen but don’t get too excited and think that you can assign that to do something. It’s there for Samsung Air Command functions. You can launch their notes app or the screen sketch and all that sort of thing.

You can still take notes when the screen is turned off too. Just put the pen near and hit the button on and wake up and you can just write notes to self which is actually a handy feature.

The only drawback that I found is the pen is not great with palm rejection, worse than average for Wacom AMR or S-pens. You can get around there though. Some apps actually have an option to turn off touch input like Samsung’s own notes app does and then you won’t end up having extra marks on the screen when your hand touches the glass.

At the time of writing this, released prices are for the Wi-Fi only tablet. At Samsung, they do say that they will have a 4G LTE cat 11 model available in the United States. I haven’t seen that yet. They might be waiting for carriers to be ready to introduce that. Obviously, that feature would add more cost.

You do have dual-band Wi-Fi onboard and you have a GPS as well. Despite the fact, there is no LTE so that’s nice to have. It’s Bluetooth 5 and it’s Wi-Fi 5. For the price, again, it is fair.

For biometrics and security, you have of course the usual password pin and all that sort of thing. We have Android 10 here with one UI 2.0 and you have facial recognition login. It’s not a secure kind like 3d facial recognition but if you’re not too paranoid about security it’s absolutely fine.

It is fairly quick. It works pretty well even in lower lighting situations.

There is no fingerprint scanner here.

The tablet is available in three colors. Those are oxford gray and there’s also a blue and a kind of rose color.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite weighs 1.02 pounds which is about 460 grams so it’s reasonably light. It’s pretty slim, it’s not bad-looking as tablets go.

In terms of performance, you have an Exynos 9611 CPU. That is Samsung’s own processor for high power cores and for low power cores.

Performance on this was pretty good even doing something like playing Call of Duty mobile. The initial launching sometimes looked a little bit shaky and jittery but once I was in the game it performed flawlessly. So, I can’t say that I feel like this needs a faster CPU.

You get 4 GB of RAM on board and the storage we’ve already covered previously but remember it takes microSD cards up to 1 terabyte so you’ve got plenty of room to grow there.

The front camera is 5 megapixels so that’s a pretty good resolution compared to your average 720p webcam on your laptop which no doubt is starting to feel kind of inadequate.

That said, in a low light camera is not very good. Even though the lens isn’t that slow but in better lighting it’s ok. it’s not bad, it’s certainly gonna be an improvement almost laptops for having video conferencing and all that sort of thing.

The rear camera is 8 megapixels and not as good as the regular Tab S6 which is a more expensive product so it’s fair. You basically have digital zoom and a single lens on the rear. You can choose between 1x and 2x zoom.

In any case, I noticed that contrast is what’s gonna have the most problems with it. On a partly sunny day you can see how the bushes for example look inordinately dark in the background when they weren’t that way. But, you know, it’s a tablet camera. For a not very expensive tablet, it’s okay.

The speakers, as is often the case with consumer tablets, are pretty darn good. You have 2 AKG branded stereo speakers here and we’ve got Dolby Atmos software on board.

For a tablet of this size, it sounds pretty good. I’m not gonna say it’s gonna beat the iPad exactly because I know you folks cross-shop those but a good sound actually, pretty pleasant.

There is a headphone jack. There’s also a USB C port that you use for charging. And, it comes with Samsung’s own fast charger in the box. That’s USB 2.0 protocol that it uses.

For accessories, Samsung makes a headset, the book cover, and a desk charging stand. We’ll probably see a few third-party accessories out there but I wouldn’t expect a whole lot.

It’s not the most immense ecosystem but it’s got you literally covered. You’ve got the cover for example, and you’ve got a desk charging stand if you need to have that.

The battery here is 7040 milliamps and like most tablets battery life is pretty good. We have a high resolution, not a crazy high-resolution display and it’s just standard IPS so it’s not like OLED displaying bright things where the battery life can go down.

So, the battery life on this is pretty good. For typical users can be measured in days, not in hours of use. It’s also pretty comparable to the competing 2019 iPad in that respect so that’s good.

As always, the biggest challenge for Android tablets isn’t the quality and the features and all that sort of stuff. For the price, this is pretty nice in all respects. The hardware and particularly the S pen is a really nice experience overall.

The challenge is the app ecosystem. For Android, apps on phones are amazing. You got everything out there. Because tablets on Android OS really have not taken off your selection of tablet-optimized apps isn’t that great.

Still, you do have things like Microsoft Office, OneNote, and a few art apps like AuditUS sketchbook but no great apps like Procreate sadly. That is available on the iPad for art.

You do have the Photoshop mobile applications available. They might sometimes feature like the iPad ones but that would still be the drawback. Finding a wide ecosystem of tablet-optimized apps here is a drag.

But, for everyday productivity, Googling, note-taking MS office kind of work, you’re good.

So, that’s the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite and for a starting price, this is a pretty nice tablet. It’s reasonably good-looking. You get the S Pen in the box. So that makes a little bit more affordable versus the competing 2019 iPad.

The drawback with Samsung tablets and all Android tablets right now is the fact that the Android ecosystem for tablets is a little bit weak compared to the Apple iPad. They are a lot weaker really, but for those of you who prefer Android, Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite is here. is an affiliate. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. is an affiliate. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
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