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At first glance, the Samsung Galaxy Express looks like the younger brother of the Galaxy S3. The truth is somewhere, because it can be said that the phone is a middle class with a very reasonable price.

When you look at what Express has to offer, it is clear that Samsung is also dangerously throwing itself into the arms of the competition when it comes to better value for money.

Express has a dual-core processor, a large enough 4.5-inch screen, and a nice addition in the form of an LTE connection. Based on that, we can say that users with a shallower pocket also have a bright future, because there are more and more models like this that offer really good specifications for the amounts that a large number of people can afford.

Samsung Galaxy Express design

Visually, the Samsung Galaxy Express looks like a scaled-down Galaxy S3. The example of this phone shows how designers can get some sleep at work. The phone is oval, a bit characteristic of Samsung, but with a handful of plastic surfaces above and below the screen, where the key figure is the central button. Therefore, Express does not instill confidence in a model from the premium segment, which is certainly not the point of the story.

Its dimensions are 132.2 x 69.1 x 9.3 mm and at just 139 grams it is an easy-to-carry device. However, since it has a slightly larger screen and is slightly wider and longer (although its thin waist is not its strong point), you will have to find a slightly larger pocket. It is of course small enough for bags, and yet, on the other hand, its dimensions are suitable for practical use, especially during long conversations.

The sides of the Express are equipped with standard volume control keys, audio input, power button, while micro USB is on the bottom of the phone. On the back is a 5MP camera with LED flash. There is a 1.3MP auxiliary on the front. By the way, the camera has several shooting options, including panorama mode. Of course, there is also video recording in 720p quality.

Overall, Express takes pretty good photos, especially when it comes to photos taken outside. They are in a lot of real colors and are pretty clean. Indoors, the quality is lower, but not drastically. The colors are a bit more washed out, but still very good. The video shows a slight “delay” of the camera when you move the phone during recording, but nothing terrible.
The plastic surface itself is standard shiny and smooth, so it is a little more sensitive to leaving prints. The background of the phone can be removed to get a 2000mAh battery and a micro SD slot.

Samsung Galaxy Express screen

When it comes to the screen, Express uses Super AMOLED Plus technology on a diagonal of 4.5 inches, with an average resolution of 480 × 800 pixels. Although the resolution is something that Express is not proud of, the screen is still quite good and responds nicely to touches. However, slightly worse image quality is observed when reading a text.

Samsung Galaxy Express specification and performance

Samsung has set a nice measure for this phone. With a 1.2GHz dual-core processor, the Samsung Galaxy Express is quite lively and works really well. No annoying hacking when opening apps, changing from portrait to landscape mode, and vice versa.

Battery life is another good thing with this phone. This 2000mAh is enough for some 14 hours of talk time, and interestingly, it can support video playback just as much, which is really commendable. However, we should not forget that the screen is slightly larger and that there is a dual-core, as well as an LTE connection (who has access to it), so it can easily happen that the battery runs out before the end of the day.

Samsung Galaxy Express conclusion

Who wants Samsung for a decent price, let them try. The phone is not a horn, but it certainly brings some good sides from the much more expensive models of this manufacturer. In this regard, you get a very decent smartphone with options that will meet the needs of most users who do not crave the top offer of models from the premium segment. is an affiliate. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
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