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The BlackBerry 9720 appears right out of nowhere. This phone does not even come in the new style of BlackBerry, and at the same time it works on the already outdated BlackBerry 7 operating system, which should mean that BlackBerry produces devices in two tracks (old, ie classic and new).

At first glance, what the eye registers with this phone cannot be called anything new or spectacular. The BlackBerry 9720 simply works like any other classic BlackBerry phone. Why should you buy it then?

If we see how much this phone costs, then it is clear what it is about. Just compare this one with the BlackBerry Q5 model and the difference in price will be obvious (see a comparison of the two phones here). The phone is equipped with a screen of only 2.8 inches and a resolution that is characteristic of this type of phone (480 × 360 pixels). There’s the inevitable QWERTY keyboard, which all in one package gives the BlackBerry 9720 a distinctive BlackBerry look.

BlackBerry 9720 design

The BlackBerry 9720 still works quite solidly. It weighs 120 grams, and thanks to the dimensions of 114 x 66 x 12 mm, it is practical to use with one hand. The side edges of the phone are covered with rubber and the headphone jack, lock keys, volume control, and camera have taken their place. Next to them, there is a micro USB port and a BBM button. The back is ribbed, with only the logo present. It is easy to move and remove, in order to reach the battery and the SIM slot under it.

BlackBerry 9720 specification

Under the “hood” is a processor clocked at 806MHz, as well as 512MB of RAM. So much is reserved for the necessary internal memory, so you should use the option of microSD expansion, with which you can reach a somewhat decent capacity. From the connections, the phone is equipped with 3G and Wi-Fi, and there is also a 5MP camera. The battery has a capacity of 1450mAh, which is enough for a whole day of carefree use.

With 806MHz it’s hard to expect anything special from the BlackBerry 9720. Processors below 1GHz are definitely a rarity of the past, so have patience with this phone. When it comes to the camera, it takes decent photos with the help of LED flash and has quite solid options, but its biggest drawback is the lack of autofocus, without which photos are often blurred. The camera also has the option of making videos, but only in a resolution of 854 × 480 pixels, and a weak “capture” of light is noticeable.

BlackBerry 9720 price and competition

All of this, of course, is not impressive. More precisely, far from it. Still, this BlackBerry is one of the cheaper ones in its family. In addition to the aforementioned Q5, models such as the Nokia Lumia 620, Samsung Galaxy Fame and Sony Xperia U have a similar price, so judge for yourself whether touchscreen models with Android and Windows Phone platforms or BlackBerry with a classic but always good QWERTY keyboard are more suitable. and a specification that is somewhere in the middle compared to the mentioned models.

BlackBerry 9720 software and interface

As soon as you turn on your phone, and that can honestly take a while, you’ll understand why BlackBerry is considered a bit of an outdated manufacturer. This is best seen here, because the interface that the BlackBerry 7 offers is, to put it mildly, outdated. Navigation through the menu takes place via the optical center button.

The screen is touch-sensitive, but due to the small diagonal, you will rarely use it and you will rely more on this button. In addition, there is a noticeable and narrowed choice when it comes to the home screen, because there is only one, so all the icons are there.

BlackBerry 9720 conclusion

The BlackBerry 9720 is a phone that targets people who want quality messaging with the highest level of security that only a BlackBerry can offer. At the same time, the BlackBerry 9720 is considered to be one of the cheaper ones from this manufacturer, so the conclusion is that it belongs to a lower price range, so if you do not expect a “craze” from the phone, then the 9720 may have a chance with you.

Of course, this kind of phone has a lot of flaws, primarily in the form of poor specifications, small screen,s and old OS. In addition, the things that the BlackBerry 9720 offers are an integral part of the offer of each of its competitors, so you can also consider the models we have already mentioned. is an affiliate. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
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