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Tomorrow is the first day of the last month of the year and it is the right time to reduce the bills when it comes to mobile phones in 2013. Therefore, the top 10 smartphones of the 2013 list are slowly appearing, and among the first to compile its wish list was the renowned British portal, which gave its view last year when it comes to mobile phones. We have to remind you that the phones are given in free order, that is, that this list does not imply which phone is really the best. Of course, that choice is up to you, and it can be suitable if you want to make your loved one happy with a brand new phone for the upcoming holidays.
Top 10 smartphones 2013

1) Apple iPhone 5S

Every new iPhone is a story unto itself. The latest Apple iPhone 5S is no exception with a completely new 64-bit processor, which, according to people from Apple, gives unattainable results. As a rule, almost every phone in this family works flawlessly, so it shouldn’t be surprising that it sells so well. The Apple iPhone 5S is full of novelties, such as a new type of 8MP camera, a fingerprint sensor, as well as iOS 7, which is a big jump compared to the previous version. Also, the graphics performance has been improved several times.
Apple iPhone 5S in our offer.
2) Apple iPhone 5C

The first low-budget iPhone comes with a plastic body in several colors (blue, green, pink, yellow and white). Despite its “plastic” nature, the iPhone 5C has a steel construction covered with plastic. It is always characterized by a bright Retina screen with a diagonal of 4 inches and an iSight camera of 8MP (something similar to the more expensive model). The resemblance to the older brother is reflected in the new operating system, as well as the battery that offers about 10 hours of talk time over the 3G network and the same amount of time surfing over LTE and Wi-Fi connections.
Apple iPhone 5C in our offer.
3) Sony Xperia Z1

This is Sony’s leading smartphone. Its main features are a 5-inch full HD display, a 21MP camera, a massive 3000mAh battery, as well as the already standard water and dust resistance. This powerful Sony is powered by a 2.2GHz quad-core processor and features a premium feel whether you just watch it or just use it.
Sony Xperia Z1 in our offer.
4) Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung has packed a 13MP camera and a glossy 5-inch Super AMOLED Plus screen, with a great pixel density per inch, into a smaller and lighter package. This phone is a symbol of a successful product and in addition to the outstanding specification, it has some really practical and useful options, such as one that tracks how much you ran or walked, to the built-in remote control, and simultaneous shooting with the main and auxiliary camera. Thanks to all this, the Samsung Galaxy S4 has become the standard of a higher class phone, regardless of the fact that younger and stronger powers have been appearing lately. Regardless of the plastic case, the Samsung Galaxy S4 has a really good design, which is an additional plus on the list.
Samsung Galaxy S4 in our offer.
5) HTC One

This phone is some of the best that HTC has to offer. Its shiny aluminum body is a real blessing for the hands that use it, and the camera with UltraPixel technology (with only 4MP is able to take really great photos even in low light, as well as during movement). HTC One is also equipped with a very good user interface and high quality stereo speakers. HTC One was made with the aim of returning to the paths of old glory and it is just like that.
HTC One in our offer.
6) HTC One Mini

This is, quite logically, the younger brother of the previously mentioned great man. The HTC One Mini offers less than the original model (dual-core processor at 1.4GHz, less internal memory and poorer screen resolution), but retains some of the good sides of the One, such as Blinkfeed, solid design, good speakers and an UltraPixel camera that makes really good photos. The HTC One Mini, along with the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini, seems like the best done “small” model.
HTC One Mini in our offer.
7) Samsung Galaxy Note 3

This is the third, and best, generation of the popular Samsung phablet. People often jokingly say that this device intended to send paper and pen into history, because of its very practical S Pen, which restores the practicality and freedom that only a “pen” has, whether it is text input or drawing. . The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is full of new options, which can be very useful and shorten the time needed to complete something.
Samsung Galaxy Note 3 in our offer.
8) Motorola Moto G

This phone is still fresh and still quite mysterious. This is because Motorola, under the auspices of Google, has shown how technology can be better and cheaper. This phone has not arrived in our country yet, but it is clear that it will be a great success on a global level. It is a completely solid plastic phone with a 4.5-inch screen, which works on the latest version of the Android OS. The Moto G has a respectable specification and a price that beats the competition.
9) Google Nexus 5

The new generation of Nexus is a bit reminiscent of the previous phone from the list, due to the great price-quality ratio, but also due to the fact that it is the first phone to have 4.4 KitKat Android, which helps it to be among the most popular models in the premium class. It is a large phone, with a 5-inch screen running on a qaud-core processor that comes in two memory versions.
Google Nexus 5 in our offer.
10) Nokia Lumia 1520

This is one of the last offshoots of the famous Finnish manufacturer, which will soon go down in legend and history. So at least it was planned. The big champion wanted to say goodbye in the right way, so he provided users with the Lumia 1520. This stunning 6-inch screen with a fantastic resolution (1920 × 1080 pixels) running on the latest version of the Windows Phone platform delivers distinctive high quality workmanship and a powerful quad -core processor under the “hood”. is an affiliate. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
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