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The Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 is one of those phones whose time has not clouded its fame. In the meantime, many more advanced, newer, and more expensive models appeared on the market, but somehow this one was remembered as very good, which remained after a long time after its appearance.

Now that a lot of time has passed, the Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 comes at a very affordable price, which with good features, can be a solid argument for buying it.

Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 design

It is to be expected that the heir will look similar to his predecessor. The phone is harmonious, likable, and somehow likable. Compared to today’s giant phones, the Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 in your hands looks like some baby phone, which used to be quite normal.

With typical rounded edges, and a central button below the screen with two capacitors, this little one seems steady. The back of the phone is covered with textured plastic, which prevents slipping. There is also a camera and a speaker. So, the Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 looks more or less like similar Samsung phones today.

In that sense, this 3.8-inch phone will not look outdated, so you shouldn’t have any major doubts from that side. The only place we can look for a difference is that this model does not have an imitation of metal strips on the edges, which is a must today in Samsung’s design studio. Hand on heart, with 10.5mm in width, the Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 looks a bit chunky, especially since it’s a smaller device so the larger waist is more pronounced.

If we get over that, the Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 has another good side. The MicroSD slot is located on the outside, so inserting and removing the memory card is quite easy and there is no need to remove the battery for that purpose.

Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 screen

For today’s understanding of smartphones, anything below 4 is simply unacceptable and a subject of ridicule. Today, when screens go slightly up to 5-5.5 inches, this 3.8 seems like a relic of the past. In principle, it is so. Honestly, this screen, no matter how small, is enough that you can type text, view photos, and even some videos.

Its resolution of 480×800 pixels is still present on many mid-range models today, and with 245 pixels per inch, it will embarrass many models, even Samsung itself, which appeared in early 2014.

In practice, the Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 has a pretty good screen. Due to the small area, the image looks quite sharp, and the viewing angles are unexpectedly good, while the contrast is somewhere in the middle, but all in all, this is a decent screen.

Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 specification and performance

Speaking of memory, the phone has only 4GB of internal space, of which only about 2GB is available, so the memory card simply has to be purchased (provided, of course, that you want to use the potential of an Android phone). Speaking of software, the Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 runs on, in its time current, and now obsolete, Gingerbread Android OS, which will greatly deprive you of the range of activities within this popular mobile OS.

This version of Android was in use there sometime in 2010, but Jelly Bean and later versions simply deleted it. This inevitably makes the interface, which is Samsung’s work, look outdated. The interface itself is clear and easy to use, and its looks like the style of cartoons.

This nice phone runs the processor at 800MHz, which will certainly not be enough for fast and smooth operation. Video games from a few years ago worked quite ok on it, but with today’s titles, this processor and only 768MB of RAM is simply not enough.

Nothing special can be expected from a 1500mAh battery. With the classic use of the Internet via the 3G network, the phone can last all day, so you should look for a charger before going to bed.

Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 camera

The 5MP sensor with autofocus and LED flash is quite enough to replace your camera when it is not at hand. The camera is pretty good at macro shooting conditions. Classic photos on a clear day also work well. The camera itself is not particularly fast, and its interface is nothing special. It offers several filters and recording options, and video can be recorded in 720p resolution.

On the front is a VGA camera, which does the basic job.

Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 Conclusion

With the burden of an older date on its shoulders, the Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 still manages to cope solidly with the new guys. The phone offers nothing spectacular in terms of design, but some of the things it has are still relevant today. Quite a good camera and screen, as well as expandable memory arguments, are on his side. Still, we think that its incredibly low price will be crucial if you decide on this, and not some newer middle-class model. is an affiliate. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
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