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The Blackberry Curve 9220 is another classic Blackberry phone in the series. This primarily refers to the design, which the conservative manufacturer does not seem to want to change. That’s ok on the one hand, because what’s good doesn’t need to be changed, but in light of the powerful Androids and iPhones, the Blackberry Curve 9220 could change a bit visually, but that’s already something we’re used to when they’re Blackberry models in question.

Blackberry Curve 9220 – standard Blackberry design

The Blackberry Curve 9220 is a model that does not skyrocket with its price and should be accepted as such. It is the successor to the 8520 model with some changes of course. Blackberry decided to apply the business philosophy here as well, which brought great success to the 8520 model.

Compared to its predecessor, the Blackberry Curve 9220 is thinner and runs on the Blackberry OS 7.1 platform. The Blackberry Curve 9220 is the first Blackberry with an FM radio, but what is surprising about it (in a positive sense) is the quite solid 1,450 mAh battery, which is among the best results with Blackberry smartphones.

Blackberry Curve 9220 QWERTY keyboard

The Blackberry Curve 9220 brings nothing drastic compared to the previous model. There is a modest 2.44-inch screen with the same 240 × 320 pixel resolution. To control the Blackberry Curve 9220, the so-called “Trackpad”, which is very useful as with other phones of this brand.

The standard QWERTY keyboard is good and recognizable, which is practical because the keys are slightly enlarged. So, fans of BBM and reckless typing of SMS and e-mails can enjoy, because they can almost forget the PC keyboard.
Blackberry Curve 9220 unfortunately does not have the so-called “Media button” at the top, but a pause button is built into the boost/zoom button on the right side of the phone.

A standard 3.5mm audio input is provided for the headphones. On the left side is space where the micro USB slot for connecting and charging was located, while the micro SD card slot is located under the phone cover.
The Blackberry Curve 9220 has the new Blackberry OS 7.1.

Thanks to the loss of waist circumference, the Blackberry Curve 9220 has become more practical to hold in your hand, but also in your pocket. In addition, there is a new software that will give the user new job satisfaction, which is almost certainly because the Blackberry Curve 9220 really works smoothly. This is especially evident in surfing the net, as there is a significant difference compared to OS 5.

The problem is the “standard” lack of a 3G network, so higher speeds must be sought via a Wi-Fi connection. 512 MB of RAM and ROM memory should be used for the same purposes, but it is immediately clear that you can hardly use this phone without a memory card.

The Blackberry Curve 9220 comes with a new version of Documents To Go, which allows easy and powerful management of documents as well as PDF files. There’s also the Blackberry Protect, which is there to back up data and locate a missing phone.
The Blackberry Curve 9220 is a mid-budget smartphone, though, and you shouldn’t expect miracles from it.

When it all adds up and subtracts, the Blackberry Curve 9220 is a phone on the edge. Compared to some models, certain flaws have been corrected, but Blackberry has made new ones on this phone, especially in terms of lack of memory, 3G connection, and a rather weak 2-megapixel camera. The Blackberry Curve 9220 is definitely good for what most phones from this house do – for tapping, and some cheaper Blackberry models can serve as an alternative. is an affiliate. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
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