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It is always good to see returnees among the ranks of smartphones. Panasonic is a manufacturer that has been napping for a while, kept on the margins of the market, but now it’s time to put things in their place with morning coffee.

This manufacturer offers several models, including the Panasonic P81.

As it has not been around for a long time, this company had to offer strong arguments as to why a customer accustomed to Samsung, LG, Sony or some other brand would turn to Panasonic.

The Panasonic P81 offers an octa-core processor and a design that features the good build quality and mix elements we’ve already seen on some other phones.

The Panasonic P81 is a phone that is seriously competing for a place in the upper middle class and in the fight for every vote it will use a 720p screen, a 13 MP camera and the aforementioned octa-core processor, as well as support for two SIM cards.

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Panasonic P81

Panasonic P81 design

At first glance, the Panasonic P81 is and is not classically android “tuned”. Its relatively rectangular shape and the classic buttons below the screen are partially enough to set it apart from a sea of ​​similar ones. Still, that doesn’t mean the Panasonic P81 is somehow a poorly made phone. On the contrary, he is very likable and I think you will fall in love with him at first sight.

Much of the credit for that goes to the enormous 5.5-inch screen, which is the central figure. Even when the screen is turned off, the positive impression does not leave the viewer.

The phone has a 7.9mm slim body that is really nicely sculpted. At the same time, the areas around the screen are not minimal, but we liked that because sometimes it takes a little firmness to produce the phone, which Panasonic certainly knew well.

Despite facing the problem of convenience due to the oversized screen, the Panasonic P81 has managed with thin edges around the screen and a thin body to prevent possible discomfort around holding the phone, which manages to stay calm in one hand. Also, it fits nicely in any slightly larger pocket, so the P81 is not too demanding on that side.

The metal strip around the edges of the phone contributes a lot to the positive visual impression. The main key and the volume key are separated, so one is located on the right and the other on the left. They are well made, but they are insufficiently extracted from this metal strip, so they are a little harder to find. At least initially until you get used to it. The top and bottom of the phone are reserved for audio and micro-USB ports.

The back of the phone is a story unto itself. It’s covered in imitation leather, just like Samsung does on some of its devices. However, it seems a bit cheaper in the hands, which is understandable considering the price difference between the models from the Galaxy Note series and the Panasonic P81.

However, the material is not bad to the touch and, more importantly, prevents slipping. Apart from the camera and the manufacturer’s logo, there are no special accessories here. The camera itself rises from the body of the phone, which is unusual, and we think it is impractical. Without it, all the praise goes to the design.

Panasonic P81 software

The phone runs on Android 4.2.2 OS with a special interface, which offers you several ways to unlock the phone, which is quite a decent individualization compared to many other interfaces. There are dragging arrows, face and voice recognition, pattern, and of course PIN.

The intersection itself is slightly different from the basic Android, and with some cosmetic tweaks (primarily icons), not much has changed. There are also some standard applications, but also a very good Power Saver, which offers a lot of options for settings in order to use energy efficiently.

Panasonic P81 specification and performance

The phone is powered by a MediaTek MT6592 octa-core processor at 1.7GHz. This isn’t exactly the cream of the processor family, but the eight cores are definitely a big help. It was possible to see which model Huawei Honor 3X, which uses the same drive unit.

Panasonic made a mistake and installed only 1GB of RAM, which is not enough for this market segment. Some 1.5 or 2GB would definitely make things a lot better, but what’s there is. Using your phone every day will not be a problem, with some chopping. However, most users will certainly be satisfied with the smoothness with which this phone works.

Far from being a perfect phone Panasonic P81 (if it was it wouldn’t cost this much), but it’s quite good. That’s for sure. And most games work on it, but the slightly weaker graphics make you feel the warmth from the inside when you play some demanding games.

The Panasonic P81 is not exactly a leader in the dual SIM segment as it offers only one slot for internet access. At the same time, its 8GB internal memory will not be enough, so count on the fact that you will have to go to the store to get a microSD card.

The replaceable 2,500mAh battery is enough for a day and a half of relaxed use, but if you are not a very demanding user, and you need the phone to last longer, use the mentioned Power Save mode.

Panasonic P81 screen

The large 5.5-inch 720p screen is not bad. But as with RAM, we would like Panasonic to go a step further and install an HD screen because that would be a complete hit considering the large diagonal. However, that would inevitably lead to an increase in the price, so we can understand this move of the manufacturer as an expression of the desire to reduce costs.

The screen provides quite enough brightness to counteract daylight, but not to the extent that some more expensive models do. The screen is also very good when it comes to viewing angles. The colors are quite accentuated, but some will like it too. When it comes to image quality, we didn’t have any major objections.

Panasonic P81 camera

On the back is a 13MP camera with autofocus, while above the screen is a 2MP auxiliary camera. Next to the camera is an LED flash, which did not work very well. By using it, the images are often blurred and seem washed out. When you get rid of the flash things go better.

The photos are quite good, especially when shooting close-ups. No matter how hard the camera tries to capture as much light as possible, some parts of the photos in the shadows look a little diluted. Also, when there is not enough light, the noise increases.

Panasonic P81 conclusion

The Panasonic P81 is a likable phone. That becomes clear as soon as you see it. Panasonic is a relatively inconspicuous name in the world of smartphones, so by buying this model you can be different from the crowd.

The price-quality ratio is at an acceptable level, and the appearance of imitation leather and good ergonomics gives it practicality. The phone fits nicely in your hands and easily performs most of the actions you will need. Of course, the Panasonic P81 also has flaws and we have listed most of them, so it is not ideal but just a good phone. is an affiliate. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
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