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The Huawei Honor 3X is a rather unusual phone. First because of the name, and then because of what it offers. It is a really large (5.5-inch) phone that is among the first to run on a MediaTek MT6592 processor, ie an octa-core processor with a fairly solid 1.7GHz.

At the same time, Huawei Honor 3X has support for two SIM cards, which further expands its range of useful options, and thus the circle of potential users who are interested in its services. So, a large IPS screen, a 13MP camera, with an auxiliary one of as much as 5MP, and all that at an affordable price is something that should definitely be checked.

Huawei Honor 3X design and screen

It can’t be said that the Huawei Honor 3X brings something new to the territory of Android phones. Everything that he offers in the visual sense has already been seen. It seems to me that the phone largely copies the iPhone, due to the relatively square corners and the metallic shine that the edge of the phone brings.

As I said, the big screen is the centerpiece of this model. This really great IPS has 1280 × 720 pixels “heavy” resolution and quite good viewing angles. At the same time, the screen copes quite well with daylight, which only completes a very positive impression of it.

And while the screen is pretty good, the same cannot be said for the plastic surface. Huawei Honor 3X is made of shiny plastic, which looks solid in the hands. And while in the visual and tactile sense, the Huawei Honor 3X has no need to be ashamed of its appearance, plastic is a real lure for prints, so you will have to deal with it as you know-how.

When it comes to the layout of the keys, the main and volume keys are located on the right side and are easy to touch, which is especially important given the large screen. You will generally hold the phone with one hand.

Huawei Honor 3X options and performance

The phone has two microSIM slots, but before inserting the cards into them, you will have to decide through which you will have access to 3G internet because only one slot is provided for that.

By the way, the phone works on the new Emotion user interface, which seems very pleasant, and the similarity with the iPhone can be seen in the fact that the applications are on the home screens, instead of in one place, as is the case with most Android phones.

If you don’t like the initial theme of the interface, there are a few more available, and the presence of the so-called Simple mode, which offers basic options on the home screen, something like Windows Phone. Like other Chinese phones, the Huawei Honor 3X has some illogicalities, such as a slightly less practical keyboard and ambiguities about using Google services.

Don’t get too excited about the fact that the phone runs on an eight-core processor. That is a good thing, but far from ideal. In practice, the phone manages to provide smooth operation in most cases, without hacking, which appear in some more demanding applications.

The biggest credit for the pleasantly surprising work goes to the 2GB of RAM. Also, the 16GB internal memory is expandable, which is also commendable. The MediaTek processor manages to master most games, but it seems to me not as good as the competitors with the Qualcomm logo.

The phone has a speaker located on the back, which is surprisingly clean and loud. The 3,000mAh battery is quite generous (which is not surprising considering the big screen), but it is still enough for as much as two days of average use.

Huawei Honor 3X camera

The combination of 13 and 5MP gives a great photographer in the announcement. The camera comes with a lot of shooting and setting options, so the user can count on HDR, panorama, and beauty modes. However, the 13MP camera does not use all the potential of a large number of pixels and gives average results.

Interestingly, the camera has problems with landscape photos, but that’s why in macro mode the images are pretty good. When it comes to shooting in the dark and indoors, no matter how hard the software tries to remove dirt, the photos still have too much noise, which is a problem that phones can never solve. The colors in the photos are less vivid than those in real life. The LED flash is quite correct and does its job nicely.

The front camera, as with most new models, has a beautification option, which is a kind of compulsion when taking selfies. The option, although it has good intentions, does not achieve the results that the user might hope for, so don’t be surprised if you look different in the photos than expected (read normal).

Huawei Honor 3X conclusion

Who is this phablet for? There are several categories of users, but I think the affordable price is his first trump card. I intentionally say first because the Huawei Honor 3X has several. If you are considering buying a cheap and quite good phone, then Huawei can offer you this model. is an affiliate. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
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