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How many times have we all forgotten to charge our phone, take the keys to our apartment or car? And what if, God forbid, we happen to lose those same keys or phone? Then things get even more uncomfortable. Fortunately, there are more and more devices and services that allow us to find a lost phone via GPS locating, but I don’t think we’ve come across such a complete solution like Gokey so far.

What is GoKey?

GoKey is a smart device, rich in energy and data storage space. In addition, it is very practical, so you can take it with you everywhere. The Gokey looks like the key to modern car types and does all of the above. It is produced in two versions, one for the new iPhone 6 and the other with a standard micro-USB port. Depending on the memory at its disposal, the device costs 69, 79, or 89 dollars for versions of 8, 16, and 32GB.

GoKey features

Just connect the GoKey to your phone and give yourself extra autonomy. At the same time, it can be supplemented and saved in the same way for further use. The manufacturer points out that this multifunctional device gives an additional 2 hours of work to the phone, which is usually enough to get the first free charger.

The GoKey is conceived as an ultra-portable device, which is understandable if we know that it is designed to handle a bundle of keys. It is able to detect lost keys within a radius of 30-60m via Bluetooth.

At the same time, if you have lost your phone somewhere, all you have to do is press a button on it and the phone will ring to make it easier to find. Also, GoKey provides GPS tracking of your keys, so you will know where they are at all times. You can use this unusual device to take photos of yourself remotely over the phone or simply listen to music like on a real mp3 player.

With plenty of options in the palm of your hand, the question arises as to how secure our data is on GoKey. It looks pretty because the device uses encryption for maximum security.

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