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Nokia X is here. This phone, which many have been eagerly waiting for, had its premiere at the World Mobile Congress, which started today in Barcelona. Nokia, which has pushed Windows Phone and works under the supervision of Microsoft, does not seem to give up and continues to push on its own. There has been a lot of talk about this Nokia Android phone. It is interesting that Nokia is already ready to work on the development of the entire Nokia X series, so it is possible that Nokia X + and Nokia XL will be waiting for us in the future. In addition to running on a much redesigned Android OS, the Nokia X also comes at a very affordable price. Namely, the first information from Barcelona says that the Nokia X will be sold at a price of 89 euros in Eastern Europe, which of course makes everyone happy.

Nokia X Android and Windows Phone in one

Nokia X is proof that the Finnish company has never stopped experimenting with Android. Nokia X uses a lot of processed Android that is very similar to Windows Phone. The phone has all Android services, while the user interfaces itself retains the shape of the WP platform. However, the first problem immediately arose. Nokia X does not have access to the Google Play Store, or even services such as Gmail, Chrome, Google Maps, etc. However, Android applications will be able to be found on this phone with the minimal surcharge required by the developers of the applications themselves. Nokia has offered a solution in the form of its own Store, which it says will have hundreds and hundreds of applications, but let’s wait and see how it will work.

All installed applications are on the home screen, ie. there is no other place to keep them, but you can spread them out or gather them as you wish. Notifications are grouped in a similar way as with the Ash phone. According to the first information, the use of this interface is slow and a bit tedious, even with the most popular applications, such as those for social networks. The reason for this lies in the fact that this is the Android OS after all, which requires far better features than the Windows Phone. For example, the Lumia 520 with a similar specification, but also the Windows Phone OS, works like a clock. An additional problem is that the Nokia X runs on the Jelly Bean version of Android, which means outdated options and services.

Nokia X design and specification

Just as the Lumia 525 is no different from the Lumia 520, the Nokia X is no different from the aforementioned phone. Here, too, the same visual proportions and colors are on offer, as well as the 4-inch screen.

Nokia definitely doesn’t want the Nokia X to be a premium phone. On the contrary, it is a low-performance phone, with only 4GB of internal memory and 512MB of RAM, but fortunately also a MicroSD slot. Nokia X also has dual SIM support. In fact, the only difference compared to the Lumia 520 is that the Nokia X does not have three capacitive keys below the screen.

Nokia X Review 1
Nokia X Green

The Nokia X has a rather disappointing 3MP camera and just one button to scroll through the features. Once the key is pressed, it works as a back key, while a longer hold returns to the home screen.

Nokia X first impression

If after this you wonder why Nokia made this phone in the first place, the answer lies in the fact that the Finns wanted to combine the flexibility of the Android OS and the services of Nokia and Microsoft, such as Mix radio, Here Maps, OneDrive, Outlook, Skype and Bing as the default browser. Time will tell how successful they have been in this, but it is quite certain that the Nokia X can represent a turning point in the development of smartphones. is an affiliate. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
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