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NeverWet is an impressive new technology that is in the testing phase. The technology is based on the use of a silicone coating which is applied in the form of a spray on the electronic device and only a few moments after that the device becomes waterproof.

In this particular case, the scientists working on this invention used the iPhone as a test material. This protective coating is effective against other liquid substances, not only water, which would significantly expand its possible application.

This substance creates a small barrier in the form of air between the device itself and the liquid so that there is no physical contact between them.

Researcher Andy Jones says that in addition to water and oil, things like chocolate, ketchup, mustard will also meet a strong opponent Ross Nanotechnology, the company that patented this invention, has gone so far as to keep a piece of metal submerged in saltwater for a year! When the year passed, the piece of metal was completely dry!

It seems that innovations like this will slowly become a part of our everyday life. Imagine being able to drop cell phones and other portable devices in a bathtub or pool without worry. If this invention becomes available to everyone, I don’t think summer vacation will be the same as it used to be.

This “invisible glass” has some other advantages besides the one mentioned. Namely, the material that will cover the phones is able to reduce the glare of the screen to the minimum, while the new lithium-ion batteries will be able to be ten times more full than now. And worrying about getting your phone wet is a thing of the past… If you ask me, I am for such a future. is an affiliate. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
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