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In this article, I give you my quick review of the Facebook Mobile Phones. The market is slowly filling up with phones designed to use the social network Facebook. The story about them is based on how it will change the world of social networks, which is a figurative sense. That would mean that it will change the world of everyday users of this most massive internet community.

The main trend lately is phones with a special button for Facebook. Once upon a time, the phones had a unique harmonious keyboard color, and now they are increasingly recognizable by the small blue key (on the qwerty model) or the middle key with the letter F on the touchscreen phone.

However, when it comes to Facebook, even the one via mobile phones, there are always controversies that follow it. Namely, the question of privacy and the real need for everyone to know everything about where you are, what you do, where you intend to go, what you ate, how you slept and the like arises at almost every moment.

For the most part, that is the purpose of Facebook, but when it comes to phones that promote it, things are different. The question is whether the companies that produce such phones with their products arrive at the right time or with a delay because Facebook has been present on the “market” for years, and phones have been following the development of this social network for almost the same amount of time.

Countless models so far have had quite decent options for using Facebook, so many seem to be rightly wondering if it is really necessary to make a phone subordinated more or less to just one thing.

Far from it that these phones are not good and should not be bought, but for a good part of users, this perception of Facebook is unnecessary. But tastes are different and not worth discussing.

In any case, those who like to share their statuses and photos will be able to do so for a while faster than before, and those who are averse to such phones should bypass them, which will not be difficult because they are in the minority compared to the complete offer.

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