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The Samsung Galaxy S2 LTE is essentially the same phone as the original Samsung Galaxy S2, with an additional LTE connection. Another big difference is that the standard Samsung Galaxy S2 has a Samsung Exynos dual-core processor with a frequency of 1.2 GHz, while the Samsung Galaxy S2 LTE is tuned to run at 1.5 GHz with the help of Qualcomm Snapdragon S3 APQ8060 dual- processor core. So there is a difference in the speed of work and the speed of the internet.

Samsung Galaxy S2 LTE comes as a phone intended for those for whom the original model was not fast enough. Somehow the Samsung Galaxy S2 LTE fits into the image of a powerful phone, which many would have. Ok, if we ignore the Samsung Galaxy S3, then the Samsung Galaxy S2 LTE seems to be perhaps the best possible solution these days.

The question is who the Samsung Galaxy S2 LTE is really intended for. The answer is not easy to give because it is unlikely that you will have the opportunity to use, or feel the benefits of, LTE technology somewhere.

Anyway, the standard 3G is there, so there is no doubt that you will be deprived of a good net, but it’s still not cool.

The Samsung Galaxy S2 LTE uses an identical 4.5-inch Super AMOLED Plus screen with a resolution of 480 × 800 pixels, which is a proven thing (although far from the best on the market). With Super AMOLED Plus, the black pixels are really black and there is no dilemma.

This screen has another advantage, and that is energy-saving because unlike the LCD screen, this one sucks the battery only when it is lit. Because of that, the battery is able to push up to 11 hours of talk time on 2G.

The Samsung Galaxy S2 LTE comes with 1GB of RAM, which is some standard for high-end phones these days. The internal memory is set to 16 GB, which is quite, but not unusual if you consider how much the Samsung Galaxy S2 LTE costs.

If you want to make the most of the potential of this phone, there is an 8 GB memory card that comes with the phone, while the maximum total memory can reach 32 GB.

The cameras that the Samsung Galaxy S2 LTE is equipped with come from the standard model. There are 8 MP main and 2 MP auxiliary. The obtained photos are quite good, but there are opinions according to which they were made with the iPhone 4S, which is a shade better.

What is certainly commendable with this Samsung camera is the unexpectedly high-quality photos taken in low light conditions in the so-called night mode. When the light is strong, the images are very clear and sharp, and the colors are just bright. Videos don’t lag behind photos either, as the 1080p resolution guarantees user satisfaction.

To conclude, the Samsung Galaxy S2 LTE is a new phone and is certainly somewhat (for LTE) better than the standard Samsung Galaxy S2 model. The question we asked at the beginning, remains in force now, and that is who can use the LTE fast connection. The answer is a few. At least for now. We hope that will change as well but until then only 3G works.

We know that the desire is for a person to have something this strong because the S2 LTE network has a “bandwidth” of an impressive 21 megabits, but all that is still in vain… Mobile operators are now on the move.

Samsung Galaxy S2 LTE is without a doubt one of the best smartphones on the market and is on offer here. The problem of the lack of coverage of the LTE network could perhaps be solved before it could be expected because, in the world of Android smartphones, everything is fast and possible. is an affiliate. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
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