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We all love our phones and use them for many different things. However, we all have the same problem, the battery on our phone runs out in an instant, and that usually happens just when we need the phone. In addition to grumbling and shooting at battery-powered phone manufacturers, there are a few things you can do to make your phone’s battery last longer.

Let’s be clear, the tips we will give you will not solve all the problems caused by the battery on your phone and can only work if you apply them constantly and in the package. It will hardly help you save on a battery that has already dropped to 20% energy, but it will help you not to reach that 20% in just 3 hours.

There are a couple of tricks that you can apply only when you know that you will need the phone that day, and there are also those that you can apply every day and your routine does not change at all.

Not to lengthen any more, here are our few tips that can help you keep your phone’s battery lasting longer than 12 hours:

  1. Decrease the screen brightness.
    This is the oldest and most obvious trick and we are sure you have already heard of it. And you know what? It really works. The screens on mobile phones are getting bigger and bigger and it takes a huge amount of energy to power them. So, if you want your phone’s battery to last longer, lower the brightness of your screen. You certainly don’t need to use 100% lighting, because your phone will work perfectly with 60%. And one more tip – don’t use automatic settings and predefined modes, just manually reduce the brightness to the point that is optimal for you. You will see that your daily battery capacity will improve immediately.
  1. Avoid using animated wallpapers, screen savers, and widgets.
    Animations can be very demanding on your phone’s hardware. Even if they start every time you use your phone, then that is a real temptation that the battery on the phone has to endure. To free your phone from this torture, we suggest you avoid all animated wallpapers, screen-saver clips, and widgets. Surely you can do without bunnies jumping around, and the holidays are long gone, so it’s the right time to get rid of snowflakes and Christmas trees that sparkle from your home screen.
  2. Don’t use too many widgets.
    Speaking of widgets, it is good to mention that these are generally software that requires constant data refresh and communication with servers. Therefore, they are very “hungry”, so they constantly need the energy to work in the background. Yes, some of the widgets are really useful and you need them, so we suggest that you reduce their number as much as possible and use only the ones you need. Believe me, the battery on your phone will thank you.
  1. Turn off all services you do not need (WiFi, Bluetooth, geolocation, GPS navigation).
    Do you really need Bluetooth non-stop? You certainly don’t use it to that extent, so turn it off and run it only when you really need it. While active, this service is constantly looking for a signal and consuming your valuable resources. The same rule applies to WiFi, geolocation, GPS navigation, and therefore use them only when you need them.
  2. Turn off applications running in the background, they are the enemies of the phone’s batteries.
    Most applications do not shut down when we stop using them but continue to run in the background. To prevent this, go to “Settings> Applications> App manager” and find out which applications are active at the moment. You can turn them all off here. However, it would be better to change your settings and set the applications to shut down after a certain period when we are not using them. This little trick will significantly reduce the amount of energy that the phone battery saves because there are applications that are very demanding and that can work without our knowledge for days.
  1. Play fewer games and the battery on your phone will last longer.
    Did you know that games are real phone battery eaters? Their graphics have become very demanding, and we won’t go wrong if we say that certain games are real multi-media masterpieces. All this requires a lot of processing power and keeps your screen constantly on during the game. You already know what effect it has on your battery, so it’s best not to play games at all on those days when you know you’ll need a phone.
  2. Update your applications and operating system regularly.
    Each new update brings some improvements, otherwise, the creators of the application would not even bother to constantly send you a new version of the application for no reason. Improvements most often relate to correcting security vulnerabilities, optimizing application performance, and reducing battery consumption. I don’t know if you noticed that the Facebook application now requires much fewer resources than 6 months ago when it was declared one of the worst enemies for batteries. That flaw was corrected and it was worth updating the application, wasn’t it?
  3. Take a break from your phone.
    The ultimate way to make your phone’s battery last longer is to leave your phone alone for a while. Take a break from it and do something else. There are so many interesting things around you, so head up the phone in your pocket and enjoy your day! The holiday will be pleasant for you and your battery. is an affiliate. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
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