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The Ascend P7 is Huawei’s latest child. It is the successor to the Ascend P6 model, which is why everyone started to consider the Chinese company equal in the world of mobile device production. Its predecessor is the first attempt to elevate Huawei from the cliché of producing cheap and not overly high-quality phones, and with the Ascend P7, that story gets a sequel. The Ascend P7 is a very attractive phone, ready to stand up to the most powerful smartphones at the moment. And the first impression is that all the cards are thrown on the lookout, while some other things come in places behind the first one.

Huawei Ascend P7 design

The Ascend P6 and some other models from the P series are known for being among the thinnest in the world. The Ascend P7 is no exception, but a confirmation of the thesis that Huawei is turning to great design as the main trump card in the production of new models. At just 6.5mm thick, this phone is noticeably thinner than many premium models, which have narrow waists anyway. When the phone has such a small thickness, it is clear that it is easier to hold, so even with the 5-inch screen, the Ascend P7 does not run out of hand so easily. It is especially important that you will use the phone with one hand without any major problems, ie your fingers will be able to reach every corner of the screen.

Visually, the Ascend P7 is irresistibly reminiscent of the iPhone. The shape itself, with metal side edges, was most likely taken from Apple’s smartphone. And while the aluminum-coated the hips, a glass layer covered the back of the phone, which gives it an irresistible look, no matter from which angle you look at this great Huawei. Next to the screen, the edges are quite thin, which always looks good.

The Ascend P7 also has curved edges and a slight texture on the back, which makes it quite comfortable in the hands, so there is no doubt that this is the most beautiful Huawei ever made.

Huawei Ascend P7 screen

The screen is the dominant element in the design. There is no doubt about that. There’s nothing on the front (except three standard capacitive keys) that could blur the screen’s fame as a true beauty. It is a full HD IPS LCD screen with a diagonal of 5 inches. The screen quality is at an enviable level. The colors are really great on it and more importantly, they look natural, which is not always easy to guess. With over 440 pixels per inch, everything is super sharp.

This is the case until you change the angle at which you look at the screen. Then the image can get a little spoiled, so we can say that the viewing angles are so mediocre, so the standard level of brightness is slightly lost in the corners of the screen. However, hand on heart, you will notice this only when you just “look” at things like this. In normal use, the Ascend P7 has a fantastic screen, and these minor objections are only there to show that Huawei still has a little work to do to catch up with the leading manufacturers, but that time will come too.

Huawei Ascend P7 specification and performance

This ultra-slim phone runs on the latest 4.4.2 version of the Android OS combined with the standard Emotion user interface. This interface is perhaps the most different from those used by other manufacturers because instead of home screens, all applications are located on one, so they can be reached simply by moving through the menu. This clearly shows the impact of iOS. Otherwise, you can easily change the look of the interface in several ways. The interface also has several useful widgets, which will not interfere with your regular work.

The phone runs on a 1.8GHz quad-core processor, manufactured by Huawei, which is unusual, as most manufacturers opt for the Qualcomm brand. Yet the phone is not as brisk as one would expect. Let’s just say, the Ascend P7 can’t be compared to the Galaxy S5 or One M8, but it’s at the level of the HTC One and Galaxy S4 models. This means that Huawei lags behind the main competitors for about a year. This is especially true when playing games because you will hardly be able to enjoy them as with these mentioned competitors.

Rarely, you find that a thin phone has a generous battery. With a design like this, something has to be sacrificed. The Ascend P7 uses a 2,500mAh battery, which is a shade smaller than similar models. With playing games, surfing the net, and similar activities, this model can last a little over 8 hours, which is still significantly less than the more powerful (but also more expensive) premium models. However, if you use the phone less, ie it is in standby mode, then the battery can last quite a while. Basically, with some average power consumption, the Ascend P7 can last all day, possibly the next morning.

Huawei Ascend P7 camera

With 13MP and LED flash, the camera from the Ascend P7 is somewhere. The one on the front of the 8MP is above average. That is why many have declared this phone a selfie phone. It definitely takes better photos than other phones, which have 2-3 MP cameras on the front. Still, it would be unfair to say that the main camera is not good. On the contrary. In sunny conditions, the photos are very good, with a lot of detail, well-matched colors, and a high level of sharpness.

Even in low light situations, the situation is not dramatically worse. The photos are not overloaded with noise, and there is no gray that is so typical for night photos. The camera itself offers several but well-chosen shooting options. The camera is quite fast, and the menu is easy to use.

Huawei Ascend P7 conclusion

This is a big step forward for Huawei. The design is something that makes this phone outperform its more expensive competitors. You have to be aware that the Ascend P7 cannot be compared to the best models with the Samsung, HTC, Sony labels. The Ascend P7 runs slightly slower than them, the screen is a shade of poorer quality and the battery dries faster. Rather, it could be said that the Ascend P7 can be compared to the Nexus 5, LG G2, Galaxy S4, and HTC One. This is his real company. is an affiliate. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
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